Is it smokable?

Discussion in 'General' started by ParodyPig, Jul 3, 2019.

  1. 2CE45F26-8244-48E9-86D7-C59840F59FA7.jpeg not sure its male plant’s or female plant

    Can we smoke it?
    I dont see any bud in it
  2. have you tried?

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  3. Is it ok to try?

    I mean safe?
  4. Id try to trim it of course and then attempt to smoke the flower that is there. (if there is any). Is it frosty with trichomes? If so I guess you could.

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  5. I would be nice to know where/how you got it etc. I'd say your biggest concern about smoking random 'bud' is you don't know what has happened to it. It could've been sprayed with pretty much anything. Hell, if you found it on the floor, a dog could have pissed on it. lol. Other than the invisible nasty shit we can only guess at, it's just a bit of plant matter so smoking it should be fine. But like I said, it COULD have anything on it, especially depending on where you found it etc.

    Does it smell of weed even?
  6. yes that’s smokeable just trim the leaves off and smoke the flower in the middle
  7. N
    no flower in the middle.
    I smoked in USA. But what we get here in India is male plant’s bud with full of seeds and small leaves around it.

    So people here smoking shit
  8. Bought it in blackmarket in India

    It smells marijuana plant leaf smell( dry leaf)
  9. just smoked it by crashing those leaves by seperating main stem and seeds.

    Its getting little high . But real bud’s high is damn different and good
  10. No
    no trichones. Just dried small leaves and seeds to main stem
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  11. You'd probably be better going on a day trip out to the mountains and picking your own, given you're in india. Guess it depends how far you are from nepal or elsewhere that it grows.
  12. I love to go north india and settle there. But i am in south
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  13. How much does it cost there?
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  14. I would love to see photos of it growing in the wild.. can you take some?..

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