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    Hello, My brother broke my pipe the other day and like the piece of glass connected to the carb broke off(the bowl didnt break at all) and i was wondering if it would be safe to super glue that piece back on? My brother is going to buy me a new one, but for the meantime i thought I would try this. Ill try to get a pic up soon

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  2. No. Unless you have flame resistant glue its not safe as that part will still heat up.

  3. well its not actually touching the bowl, it just like a little piece of the carb and the left side of the pipe.
  4. any one else?
  5. Unless it has sentimental value, get a new one.

    also, just get a new one and rip it in mourning of the lost piece. Trying to fix it with glue isnt worth it. But taking it to a glass blower might...
  7. haha alright i was just wondering cause my friends broke like that and he super glued it and it works like new now
  8. alright got pictures up
  9. I would say no, but thats just silly old me. lol

    Dont do it. PS- Inhaling super glue fumes isnt good for you :D :smoke:
  10. when it's broke it's broke,no going back...unless your a glass blower
  11. GO BRUINS!!!!

    but no i wouldn't smoke it with glue, just roll a J.
  12. The superglue fumes won't be very detrimental on the EXTREME short term... but that better get replaced quick.

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