Is it safe to smoke out of this?

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    So I found this the other day and I sparked out of it..but now I'm wondering if that was a smart decision. I had just quickly cleaned it out with water and dried it out before using it. It appears to be maybe copper or brass or something. From the looks of appears to be some mini hookah perhaps. It has been lying on the shelves of my house over the years and I never really knew what it was for all those years besides the decoration aspect of it. I spotted it the other day and I needed something to spark out of so I used it!

    So do you think its safe for me to spark out of? And if so...should I just clean it more thoroughly first?

    *edit* ok just took some more pics to upload. There was a little clear bendable pipe that was attached to the main hose thing which goes down into the bottom where the water would go, but It was so dirty and old that I threw it out. I am going to try and see If I can find a replacement at a local hardware store

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  2. smoking metal pieces isnt very fun
    especially when they are dirty and aged. i would shine it up for a conversation piece or maybe get a glass one made like it if you really like it
  3. WTF You have no pics how can we tell what the hell it is.

  4. Did you look at the third post... Krish what do you mean from the glue?
  5. yea its made for smoking....
  6. If its copper I'd say no but if its brass go for it
  7. Thing is idk if its copper or brass. Is there a way for me to find out?
  8. why bother dealing with dirty and/or old metal AT ALL!??!!?! just get a glass piece lol it doesnt have to be expensive but its just so much tastier

  9. Lol I still live with the rents so buying a glass piece or anything else and having to hide/conceal it from them is going to prove to be hard. This thing however was just lying on the shelf! I figure if I can clean it up nice and well from the inside and it is usable, than on those rare occasions where I want to spark at home and have nothing to spark out of I can just take this thing off the shelf and spark out of it, clean it, and put it back like nothing ever happened ;)
  10. Its a personal hookah, sure you can smoke out of it. Metals wont be heating up enough from a typical lighter to even consider releasing toxic fumes so dont worry. Everybody needs to stop being so cautious about what they smoke out of, somethings gonna kill ya eventually.

  11. Color, look up some pi tires if it bends real easy its probly copper
  12. Nevermind just saw your pics, its definitely OK to smoke out of
  13. Your definitely good to smoke outta fact if you wont send it my way :p

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