Is it safe to smoke marijuana vaginally?

Discussion in 'General' started by DDV, Dec 5, 2010.

  1. We've all asked ourselves this question at some point. Is it safe to smoke marijuana vaginally? Fortunately, our friends at erowid are here to answer it.

    There you are stoners, is it not safe to smoke marijuana vaginally.

    Goodnight, and drive home safely.
  2. Duh? You shouldn't have even posted this topic let the dumb asses get weeded outta life.
  3. so high right.... now this thread was a total mindfuck
  4. this must be a hot topic there was a thread on this a few days ago!

    But seriously no just no.
  5. Yes its extremely safe, infact it could be seen as medicinal. The thing is its against the law to do it without videotaping it. Damn laws..... toss it up on here after if you get a chance;)

    disclaimer... i have only read the title of the thread,,, nothing else.

  6. [​IMG]
  7. sticky icky icky


  8. nine five plus fo pennies, add that shit up
  9. put it in the air
  10. haha love you both for that
  11. FYI: It takes a significant amount of air to cause ANY problems in the human body (if you happen to have wondered) it would be about a syringe full of air to cause death. If someone wanted to blow air into the body to cause harm, you are looking at a stronger force of air needed than just what your mouth and lungs can blow. You would need about the force of an pressurized air blower.

    so ladies, in all honesty...keep on doing this, it is a wonderful way to save your friends lungs.
  12. I dare ask this question, but seeing as I'm stoned and it happened to pop into my head as I read this thread.....

    Can you smoke through you're cock hole? like have your girl blow smoke in your japs eye ????? and would you get high like that girl in the OP did
  13. ^Give it a try man.

    Speaking of killing someone with compressed air.
    Bout fifteen years ago my dad worked in a diesel truck shop where they had all kinds of shit that could kill you. One of the guys thought it would be funny to grab an air hose and blow some compressed air at some dudes ass close range as he was leaning over a truck.

    At 1000psi being a few inches away didn't matter it went right through his suit and pretty much exploded his insides. He died right there.

  14. WRONG. I've never asked myself that. EVER. Wtf?

  15. ...Never have I ever asked myself if I could smoke vaginally.
  16. Shove that bong up that pussy and take a rip.
  17. I also never want Nancy Reagan to tell me to shove something up my pussy. *shivers*
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    check with your gynecologist
  19. Haha I can imagine.

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