Is it safe to smoke from pipes with aluminium stems? (And brass bowls)

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  1. Greetings, this is my first ever post here so apologies for any stuff ups!
    So I recently got a three second hand pipes, and I noticed that two of the pipes had stems made of aluminium. I've read about the dangers of smoking with aluminium so I was wondering if it is safe as only the stem is made of aluminium not the bowl?
    The other pipe has a stainless steel stem of some sort I'm pretty sure.
    All of the pipes have bowls of brass (immaturity test ;) )
    Are these pipes safe?
    I'm asking here because I couldn't find any info with google about aluminium stems, all the search results were about not using aluminium to make bowls and stuff with.
    Thanks for any input.
  2. the whole point of not using aluminum is because when heated it can release harmful chemicals. Unless the stem is heated I don't see a problem with it
  3. It's a real controversial subject. Many say it releases harmful chemicals, but a lot say that the bic lighter doesn't get hot enough to cause this reaction. Personally, I'd just drop $15 on a new glass pipe (it's fun to pick one out, it's like shopping for a child). I'm sure you'd be fine if you were an every now and then smoker.

    If it's just the stem you'll be ok
  4. Cool thanks guys, yeah I don't smoke all to often, and when I do I usually roll a joint.
    Haha, buying pipes from a head shop is like shopping for a child? I don't actually think I've felt that way before :p
  5. Well my friend, I don't mean like shopping for a child (like buyin that bitch toys and stuff), it's like adopting your baby, ya know? Like I make bonds with my pieces ;) I'm a weird dude lmfao.
  6. There is no harm in smoking from aluminum if there is no paint on it. Metal pipes are safe, but if you go to smoke out of a can, scrape the paint off where the flame meets the can.
  7. Don't smoke out of that pipe man. Even if it's just the stem it's still aluminum. If you're going to be smoking from a pipe definitely get a glass one.

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