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is it safe to smoke after a concussion?

Discussion in 'Apprentice Tokers' started by tangyjam, Nov 1, 2010.

  1. i got in a car accident friday morning and got a concussion and stitches on my head. i was hospitalized for two days and i really want to smoke. Is it bad to smoke weed after a concussion? I have some sour diesel that i really want to smoke but i dont know how long to wait. Will i recieve permanent damage or mental illness if i smoke after a concussion?
    thank you!!
  2. i doubt it dude. probably take away any pain and you'll forget about it lol. but what the hell do i know.
  3. yea dude ive had 4 of em......ull be fine
  4. it would probably help you out more then anything lol, get high my friend. :hello:
  5. Blaze, unless you start to feel like something is wrong, but I doubt you will. Marijuana = medicine.

  6. haha im so tempted... If i do smoke i will only do like very little. like .3 of a gram... the sour d smells so good... im just scared i will get fucked up cause my concussion and i still have the stitches in my head
  7. worst case scenario is your blood pressure increases, such as you doing exercise. and causes a brain hemorrhage. by my calculations, chances of that are.. 0. :rolleyes:

    you'd be the first to die from weed :p
  8. If you were in a car accident with another car i'd hold off just in case you have to go to court about the accident, cuz they might DT.

    Just lookin at the bigger picture.
  9. I did the day after I got a minor concussion...

    I reported absolutely no negative side effects... Although my concussion was only minor, I was perfectly fine.

    Oh, and high. BONUS.

  10. i was in a freinds car so i doubt i will get dt. i was in the passenger seat
  11. Do it.

  12. Shhhhh the evil reefer can kill you, :smoking:

  13. I played soccer in high school and was the recipient of multiple concussions. I didn't stop burning whatsoever, and nothing bad happened.

    You should be fine.

  14. lol can i get more opinions but i just realized im asking a PRO-pot community for opinions whether to blaze with a concussion injury. LMAO maybe i need to stfu and just fucking blaze :hello::smoke::p
  15. Dude its fine.
  16. Toke up. I can't imagine it having any actual effect on your concussion. :smoke:.
  17. I just got a pretty bad concussion yesterday and i was wondering the same thing... Then remembered smoking large amounts of hash right after a concussion i got a while ago and nothing happened i got higher than usual so toke it up my friend :)
  18. yea i dont see a problem with it. How weed works and how you get a concussion are two different things, shouldnt be any efect.
  19. Someone pass this man a joint!

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