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Is it safe to refer to weed in texts to your dealer?

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by trenchmark, Nov 20, 2014.

  1. I texted my dealer and got no reply all day.  I even spotted him at my school cafeteria so I know he's around.  I tried calling, and he picked up and hung up. 
    I'm worried... not sure what exactly I'm worried about, but it seems shady. 
    In the text I sent him I asked for a 20 sack, so that could be incriminating if he were to bring it to police, like if he was caught and was going to give up his customers or something?
    Yeah that sounds crazy.  Forgive me, I have OCD and anxiety.  Still, would like some feedback.  Is it safe to use that kind of terminology?

  2. you could be referring to buying some white castles. ive never had a problem with using code lingo. 
  3. You appear to be under the age of 18.
    I would text "I want to buy some weed from you"  Fuck what the cops say. If it's illegal to text that to another person then this country is fucked. Cops aint gonna care about your 20 sack purchase. They look for HIS supplier. They look for texts that have him asking someone else for a QP. Or maybe an act of terrorism or pedophilia. Don't be worried.
  4. College.  I'm older than most of the kids in college actually.
  5. get another connect
  6. Is it incriminating? Yes
    Is it ever going to be seen by anyone but you and your dealer? Highly unlikely.
    Will anyone who does see it give a shit about a college kid buying a gram of weed? Even less likely.
    Chill out man, just find another dealer if he's not picking the phone up.
  7. put him on the backburner for a couple weeks. leave him alone and don't hit him up. find a new connect between now and then. if you still want to keep dude in the contacts list, hit him up a couple weeks from now after no communication, ask him "are you's been a couple weeks can we meet today" and if he doesn't respond, delete him from your contacts and never get at him again. That's how you handle a flaky dealer. If you're in college as you say, hookups are abundant. But you're also "older than most kids in college" (your words) so maybe the age thing makes it hard to approach the younger crowd. Are you that old.... :confused_2:
  8. "If he's caught and gives up his customers" I laughed way too freaking hard at that.

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    Unless one of your guys' phones gets confiscated by Law Enforcement/School Admins or one of you is blacklisted by the NSA as a terrorist or drug dealer, then you really have nothing to worry about
  10. He is just stalling!
    I know someone who always tell my dealer that he is going to cop an eight at a specific time but he never shows up, your dealer maybe doing the opposite, he probably doesn't have any to push right now and just doesn't want to tell you.
    I have seen a dealer took someone's money and said he is going to bring the bag out in a few seconds, oboy spent 40 minutes inside the house looking for weed he didn't have rather than telling the dude that he was dry. at the end he claimed he didn't knew where he stashed the work.
  11. unless they sell other stuff too then they already know what you want and it is redundant to refer to it but if need to ask if they still have that Al Green record n how much $ you go on it. or call it salad, tarzan movie w/e clever jus be discreet if ur really that worried.
  12. Just text him and say "Yo I got (x amount of money)" he should know what you're talking about from there
  13. Yes, if your drug dealer is a real drug dealer he will have a prepaid phone so it doesn't matter anyways

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  14. If it's someone I've dealt with before then I will, but if its someone I haven't met or aren't friends with then I won't mention it right away
  15. I dealt with someone who would say "I'm good" when it was around the time I would pick up. It was so nice. So I'd reply back with a "what time is good?" And I had my weed within a day.

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    I just text mine "Hey mind if I swing by?" or "You around?" He knows what it means. Plus he just has burner phones anyways so it doesn't matter. Some guys don't care like mine but some guys freak out if you mention weed. My response to that is a) you're smoking too much and paranoid as shit or B you don't follow enough security precautions with your phone.
    Just chill out. He's just busy or being a douche. You always got to have a backup guy. As for the cops they aren't worried about the college kid buying a 20 sack and if they are it's so small it would never be anything more then a ticket so fuck the police :smoking:
  17. You're dealer sounds like a flake. As they've said up-thread, find a better one.
  18. Wtf? The fbi scans for weed related texts and locates gps and authorities.... nooooob!

    You don't know the stoner secret lingo?
  19. Not incriminating, could be looking for a 20 sack of potatoes. 
  20. stupid kids and their phones :laughing:

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