Is it "safe" to order seeds from the U.S.?

Discussion in 'Marijuana Seeds Banks' started by cptshrk, Jul 5, 2002.

  1. Is it really "safe" to order seeds, from one of these on-line seed vendors, if you
    live in the U.S.? I live somewhere in the southern U.S.
  2. Try to make a sample order, so you can make sure who's reliable and who's not. Be aware that does not ship to the states anymore.

  3. hey man the BEST plave EVER to get cheap and good seeds is WWWseedsdirect.COM. they are cheap and have a huge ass selction.GOOD luck. and the are also very accurate.!
  4. Has anyone actually from the united states bought from an online seed vendor?... if so tell us how it went.
  5. how did u guys order from the bank Cash.. Credit?????
  6. i live in the states and i got 20 seeds from a seed bank in canada, i didn't pay for them because.... i'm good. I didn't have the money and did some slick talkin, i never have money. But the seeds came like a week later and it was all good. It's pretty safe to order seeds to the states, from whut i hear if customs does find the seeds they just mail you a letter saying someone was trying to mail you something illegal. and they don't really do anything about it. i don't think customs really cares there looking for bombs and shit.

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