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is it safe to microwave a bong?

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by laserman, May 10, 2011.

  1. Like the title says :smoke:

    I read somewhere online that smoking with hot water in your bong increases the potency of the weed. Mixing the smoke with the hot water water vapor supposedly increases the amount of THC absorbed by you lungs without the need for holding you breath for a very long time.
  2. Why not just heat up water then put it in your bong?
  3. you have a microwave big enough to fit a bong? either way, dont do it
  4. yea it'll be fine, just toss it in there with a few whole potatoes
  5. microwave the water, not the bong?....what king of microwave do you have that would fit a bong in there???? this true? i have NEVER heard of this and if it were true im sure i would have.
  6. you have to be stoned to think of doing it in that order...

    EDIT: oh, and the hot water is AWESOME i did it once with steaming water out of the sink, its better than cold water, the steam feels amazing, but it cools down quick =/
  7. ya it would be dumb to microwave the bong because you would burn yourself just by picking it up lol
  8. The hottest water that comes out of the tap is more than hot enough, you don't want to mix hot steam and smoke. It sucks, trust me.
  9. ....don't you have a faucet? Turn it to hot and then fill up your bong. Hahah.

    Hot water in a bong is amazing btw, feels like you're inhaling steam, soo good.
  10. What are you thinking? Bake the bong in the oven, it's a whole lot better!
  11. I never new hot water was better than warm waterl. But yeah man, thats one hell of a microwave you got there haha.

  12. Because my sink is full of dishes :smoke:

    and oh yeah, guess it couldn't fit either. Oh well, back to what you where doing i guess lol :eek:

  13. Step 1- Get off your ass and do dishes.
    Step 2- Fill measuring cup up with hot water from the tap
    Step 3- Pour hot water into bong
    Step 4- Profit!
  14. ...or just put water in the damn thing a smoke it...
  15. how about no.

    in fact, hell no.
    don't fucking use warm water, that's a dumb idea.
    the temperature of the water means nothing.
  16. Shit, I wouldn't even microwave the water. I don't trust microwaves....

    Just use a stove to heat the water up. Microwave water has to be nasty.
  17. What? The whole point of the water is to filter and cool the smoke, why would you want to heat up the coolant? Use a pipe or something instead...
  18. His reasoning might not be correct but it isn't a dumb idea. The hits are much smoother IMO...
  19. For a dumb idea, it sure is nice.
    Get a clue, maybe, before you go all out with the "hell no".

    Hot water hits are good.

    If you've got a little glass bong that will fit in your microwave, I don't see any reason not to warm the water up with that. The water does cool off pretty quickly, so instead of constantly switching in new hot water, I can see just nukin' it long enough to get it back up to the temp you want.
  20. Hot water in a bong is nasty IMO. If you want a smooth hit use cold water and ice.

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