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Is it safe to make a bong out of a bud light aluminum pint can?

Discussion in 'Marijuana Consumption Q&A' started by torque92, Oct 18, 2012.

  1. I got the idea from a thread about drilling holes in glass bottles to make a home made glass bong. I know aluminum is supposed to add aluminum oxide to ur smoke and cause alzeimers or watever but this is a thicker aluminum would that make a difference? Idk jst a creative thought.
  2. I would just stick to glass
  3. isn't safe...
  4. Personally, I've used cans before. I've even cut out small squares and poked hold in them to use as filters in a socket bowl for a gravity. (whoa...) Not sure on the health factor but I wouldnt make it my normal method. make a gravity if youre short a piece and looking to bake.
  5. Man just go to the gas station and get one of those little shitty metal pipes, unscrew the bowl then your good to go.
  6. Just use a water bottle
  7. Don't use cans or plastic. Glass or just an apple.
  8. this is sort of unrelated, but one time, my friends and I used an air mattress inflation pump to pull auto hits out of a pipe and force huge hits in. i puked. :smoke:
  9. I got pieces i just like to be creative and build unique home made pieces. I thought itd be sweet to have a 16 oz bud light bottle for a bong cuz i have a slide and a rubber gromet laying around waitn to build a bong with.
  10. No, don't do it
  11. No, cans are made out of 3 things. Paint, aluminum, and BPA lining. 3 things you dont want to smoke. You couldnt pick a worse object to smoke from lol
  12. can's have a plastic coating inside them...burning plastic emits toxins and carcinogens...then there's the aluminum issue...

    better options;
    apple pipes, maybe hollow out a carrot to use as a chillum
  13. Gross dude I hate how people think smoking out of popcans are safe.
  14. No... Just no.
  15. When a cheap bong can be had for less than the cost of 1 or 2 grams there is no reason to smoke out of an aluminum can.
  16. Glass drill bits are $15 then i can make as many as i want whats some cool glass bottles or shuld i get one of these i think thatd be the shit cuz my friends would prlly pay me to make them one like it lol
  17. Simple answer to this question.

    No it isnt safe. Dont do it

  18. Yes it is!
    It's just not safe to smoke out of it.
  19. smoke crystal meth and hail chutulu
  20. Why wouldn't it be safe, you bjust have to make sure your slider is safe.

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