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Is it safe to hotbox a plastic bag?

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by whiteka6, Nov 21, 2011.

  1. Like if I wanted to hotbox but was in too open of a space, could I like wrap a grocery bag over my head after hitting the bong to refilter the smoke from when I exhale?

    Would the smoke react with the bag to produce toxins at all or something?

    Or would a helmet made of an empty twelve pack be better to hotbox?
  2. Terrible idea man I would just look into buying a gas mask bong or something even though I have heard mixed results with those.
  3. in theory it would work but you would suffocate
  4. i heard punching yourself in the face could give u a light head if your that desperate to save money ""re-using" smoke. jesus just smoke more.
  5. yea use the box instead
  6. Yeah for maximal highness tie two plastic bags around your neck immediatly after bong rip. Proceed to hyperventilate in the bag rapidly until to achive supreme highness. Leave the bags over your head for about the next hour (don't loosen it or else you won't be able to get high again ever) and then remove the bags by gougeing at it with a sharp object if able.
  7. .....really?

    Om gonna assume your honest and not trolling so im gonna ask you,

    PLEASE don't do this....

    Its stupid and dangerous. I lost a friend in the past doing this same thing but with some medical gas, passed out and suffocated on the bag

    Please dont

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  8. Dude.... Lol....

    "Tonight: Stoner found dead in apartment. Suicide suspected, because of plastic bag tied around his head. More at 6, stay tuned"
  9. Go sit in a closet or get blunted in a car or something...
  10. [quote name='"JuicyStarburst"']Dude.... Lol....

    "Tonight: Stoner found dead in apartment. Suicide suspected, because of plastic bag tied around his head. More at 6, stay tuned"[/quote]

    More ammunition against the herb
  11. Exactly! If more people used their heads before making decisions when high, marijuana would have a much better reputation (or governments would spew more shit...)
  12. Don't stay inside the bag too long.;)
  13. This is a stupid fucking idea. I feel like punching you its that stupid
  14. Ya, it works best if you zip-tie it around your neck

  15. [​IMG]

    No don't do that op. If you wanna hotbox find someone with a car. Or kush out your bathroom when your parents are gone. Don't try to friggin breathe air in and out of a bag. Problem won't get you any higher. And it might kill you.
  16. Hotboxing with my head in a plastic bag is one of my favorite activities, right behind dunking my head in a bucket full of bongwater and hoping to drown.
  17. What the fuck?
  18. Sounds like a great idea actually...just make sure you tie it tight enough for maximum effectiveness.
  19. Wow really? You're really asking if you should put a plastic bag over your head?

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