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Is it safe for me to toke?

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by dankfrank, Jun 9, 2009.

  1. I am going to be getting wisdom teeth pulled next week and they are going to be knocking me out for it. im wondering if it could cause problem if i came stoned,,, could whatever drug they give me cause problems when mixed with pot?
    Also they are gong to give me pain killers after,,, can i mix painkillers with pot?
  2. Not only can you, but you SHOULD! the problem with smoking after wisdom teeth is the sucking can lead to dry socket which is apparently extremely painful. So consider that. But yeah, painkillers and weed are good friends

  3. What exactly is a dry socket?
    and what about toking before i get put under?
  4. i dont think it will matter beforehand but i wouldnt, it would be freaky, plus the shit they give you will be way stronger than weed.

    your dentist/orthodontist should have explained dry socket to you like 4 times by now...
    Dry Socket

  5. they havent,,, i just googled it and i think ill be fine as long as im not sucking hard,,, i plan on buying a new spoon so i shouldnt have a problem.
  6. Yeah being high while getting all of this stuffed shoved into your mouth and the idea of surgery may be freaky when you're high. When I got my wisdom teeth out I smoked a day or two after (I still had puffy cheeks and sore mouth) and I was fine. I suggest that if you do smoke right after the operation, you should rinse you mouth out with lysterine or the ant-bacteria stuff that the doctors will give you.
  7. alright i wont toke before cuz i dont wanna get all paranoid but will the weed mess me up with painkillers?
  8. I've smoked weed while taking painkillers and anti-hystamine and, as far as I am aware lol, I am fine :p
  9. IMO, smoke after but clean your mouth frequently. :smoking:
  10. Ya dude keep your mouth clean and dont smoke before that just seems down right scary. Good luck.
  11. Dude don't smoke please, I did after mine and got dry socket. It's was more painful than you think, and no amount of weed will deaden it.
  12. I would not smoke. But on the other hand i would not get put out or take anything when having my tooth pulled.

    When my dentist removes my tooth they numb the gums using a small injection which lasts for about a hour they pluck the tooth out a hour later the numbness of the gums feel better

    but i would not be put out for it that.

  13. I had seven teeth pulled out two months ago. I got real stoned right before I went in to have the procedure done. When you come out, your whole mouth will be numb, so you'll be drooling and wont be able to talk hardly at all. So when you come out, basically you'll need to go right to sleep. The doctors will give you some major pain killers that will make it easy to sleep all day. DO NOT smoke ANYTHING for 24 hours. (or drink from a straw) The suction motion you make will not only be very painful when you do it, but you could tear out your stitches. (I actually quit smoking cigarettes that day, hooray for me:) But exactly 24 hours after I had the procedure done, I was smoking weed and I haven't had any problem what so ever. Let me know if I can help ya out more. Like I said, I did this just "the other day."
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    they give you like 10 perks. for getting your wisdom teeth pulled. they dont give you a lot just enough to last 3-4 days. All my friends that got theirs out the only got like small script for 10 perks. and thats it. so yeah. I smoked my homegrowns 10mins before i went and got my teeth cleaned last week. and Alright, When your stoned retarded, and there are people messing around in your mouth, its a pain in the ass to be high and in the dentist. but its relaxing. but annoying to be fisted in the mouth. Also marijuana doesnt mix with percription drugs in negative ways. iv never seen or heard of negative reactions to Rx drugs. and iv taken a lot of drugs.
  15. A dry socket is painful condition following a tooth extraction caused by a blood clot that does not properly fill the empty socket, leaving the bone underneath
  16. imo i wouldnt do it before becase well i would see it as a waste of bud i mean your going to be fucked up by what they use to put you out after anyways.
  17. What a great experience getting my wisdom teeth pulled out was. It was like my first high lol. I got put to sleep and when I woke up I was noddin like a mofo. Great feeling lol.
  18. Considering he had them pulled about a month ago, I think he's fine now..
  19. ya smokin weed when i get my wisdom teeth pulled out is exactly what im looking forward to as well!

    but i would NOT smoke the first 2-3 days after i get them pulled out because of the suction caused by when ur breathing in the smoke which can cause dry socket which is supposed to just wait a couple of days

    ive also heard that you "can " get an infection from the smoke

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