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is it sad that

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by hellz1stsin, May 4, 2011.

  1. i'm smokin a bowl with my friends/room mates, it gets forgotten for a while. when my buddy finds it again, he asks "Is this still goin around?" my response: "Why are we slacking? it woulda been done if i knew it was still around. i'm way back here in the back, so i hit that like it ain't comin back, cuz when i pass it it disappears." it that sad? that i hit a pipe like i'm never gonna get a hit again, even though we always have stash? let me know
  2. form a circle and its guaranteed to come back around
  3. It's sad that it comes to that. However, it depends on how you look at it. Either it came down to everyone forgetting that there was bud going around because they are content with their level of high; or, your circle isn't that great and they either need to pick it up or get out :p

    Obviously I hope it's the former
  4. sounds like you got some good pot.. that's usually how i know when im stoned..
  5. yeah. I'm sure it's the pot, cuz we all just forgot about it.
  6. lolwut?

    now i understand situation but what are you questioning?

    what do you mean is it sad?

    are you looking for advice on how to prevent this? are you looking for similar stories? i might just be high, but i haven't a clue as to the reason for this thread.
  7. is it sad that i hit it like it's never coming back even though i know i'll get to smoke again in like an hour?
  8. lol how is that hard to understand at all.. and nah man, if shit ain't commin back i'd hit it like a mofo too`

  9. this + your sig screams troll
  10. people always ask me if the bowl is still going around when theres atleast 3 other people with me shit pisses me off because 2 of 3 wont say ANYTHING and they'll just stare at it occasionally like a bitch and not say anything while im waiting for my bowl to come back to me.

  11. i guess what i really dont understand is why you just dont hit it again?
  12. thank you. you seem to be the only one who got that

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