Is it sad that I know this guy? (news paper article inside)

Discussion in 'General' started by Zeusophobia, Aug 10, 2011.

  1. Have they charged you yet?
  2. Have they charged you yet?
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    Haha lmfao
  4. Its not your fault you know him :smoke:

  5. Charged me for knowing him? Lol wtf.
  6. No, for grabbing that girls ass. Congrats on your gf though
  7. Have they charged you yet?

    edit: damn, they put the dude's home address in the article.
  8. Have they charged you yet? :laughing:

  9. I'm definitely not him. He's currently in prison and you can look that up on police websites. His name and county are in the article, seriously go look.

    If you're going to make fun of me use something that can't be proved wrong in a few clicks. It's all good though I'm too high for something like that to actually piss me off :smoke:
  10. But thats not as funny...

  11. But thats not as funny...
  12. Have they charged you yet?
  13. Didn't click the link. Had lots of lulz in this thread
  14. that guy clearly does not give a fuck
  15. Hey, have you been charged yet bro?
  16. have they charged you yet?
  17. why is this even on the news? all he did was grab an ass.
  18. that was from like 3 monthes ago..why bring it up?
    If your not guilty by asociation at the very least..aha, just kidding i saw what you said and yes.. i agree with the other 2 s'not as funny.
    Its no issue, so you knew a guy who committed a crime, so what? Happens all the time, its just circumstance

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