Is it ripe?

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  1. Hey guys,
    just wanted your quick opinion on my plant. This is my second growing attempt, fist time using a feminized seed (Master Kush by Sensi Seeds White Label).
    I've read and watched alot of stuff about the best time to harvest. So i know about the colors of the pistils and the trichomes. I noticed some trichomes have turned amber on the upper colas but as you may see in pic "Detail 3" theres still white pistils popping out / flowers developing close to the main stem. These areas havent gotten any light since the plant came out very bushy.
    I was thinking about partial harvest but i dont know if its worth the time and energy. About 80-90% seems ready and i would probably spend 2 weeks on growing a half gram worth of popcorn bud...
    So what do you experienced growers say from looking at the pics? Chop it down now? Wait a few more days? Partial Harvest?
    I'm really looking forward to hearing your opinion! :)
    20190612_135718.jpg 20190612_135745.jpg 20190612_135801.jpg 20190612_135846.jpg
  2. Looks like maybe another week, always use jeweler's loupe or at least 60x magnifier to know for sure, but calyx's are just starting to recede.
  3. you could always harvest the tops first ( after flushing ) then put the plant with smaller buds back under the lights( and nearer to the light) to finish them off ,,,mac,,
  4. Thanks for your advice guys! I'll probably wait a few more days before chopping down the whole thing.
    Plus i learned that i really need to buy a magnifying glass. Lol i was relying on my eagle eye to spot the amber trichomes wich works quite well with the few that turned a darker amber already. But i guess its next to impossible to tell if the others are milky or light amber (with the bare eye).

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