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Is it right for me?

Discussion in 'Medical Marijuana Usage and Applications' started by mikeboiiii, Apr 24, 2010.

  1. Hey guys, I am 21 years old, and I'm kinda new to this forum and the whole scene here at GC. I am also a recreational toker and only smoke marijuana once in a while. But I wanted your guys honest medical opinion on my issue. Which is my insomnia, I know of
    some of the effects that marijuana has on the body. But I have had this chronic condition for 2 years and counting. I have tried literally everything besides drugs to try to help it. From working out late to counting sheep to concentrating on my beathing only. None of it helps, I don't know whether it is a mental block or my body just doesn' like it but its starting to interfere with my work. I'm starting to doze off and lose concentration. Now, I've only smoked a couple times, but when I got the end results, I was knocked out, I doze off very quickly. But, what I want to know, in all of your experience and medical opinion is medicinal marijuana more effective than ambien or any other sleeping drug. If so, can someone like me, who does not have insurance nor any previous official medical history of taking sleeping medication, be able to acquire an MM referral or card? If so how? And after I do acquire it how do I register with dispensary's? Any help is appreciated.
  2. Indicas work great for my insomnia :smoking:. I think most cannabis friendly doctors in California want some previous documentation from another doctor but some may not need this and it's usually not too expensive. I paid $150 but others on here have said they only paid $65.
  3. Do it, switching from prescription sleep aids to cannabis to treat my insomnia was one of the best things I ever did. Prescription sleep aids were horrible; from waking up groggy and feeling like shit in the morning to having large periods of time where i'd blackout but be doing random shit of which I had no recollection afterwards, not cool...
  4. Well I'm gonna have a talk with my employer to get some health benefits so I can get a checkup and see a doctor about my issue. Hopefully, he'll examine me thouroughly and give me the proper prescriptions for my condition, and if so, I'll try out pills for a week or maybe even a month. See if it actually helps, probably its not going to work great. So then I'll just hit up a doctor that specializes in this. Does anyone know of a good reliable firm near norther los angeles preferabbly near glendale or burbank?
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    The thing i don't like about sleeping pills is many of them are proven addictive, and unlike Mary J. they actually have well respected interests (payed lawyers/scientists etc) that would crush any false evidence if they could, but they can't. Whereas MJ has been proven not to have the physical addictiveness that makes hard drugs so much more dangerous. With that said i know people who act like MJ addicts, generally the combination of lazy and easily bored results in people covering their stresses with MJ, which is not a good habit if you don't want to end up with a (expensive) tolerance like snoop dogg.

    I'd have to agree Indica is the way to go, its more knock you on your ass and make you think your living in a happy cartoon world(and then fall asleep), compared to dancing like a crazy man around the house screaming lines from Rolling Stone songs ("Im a Monkey!!!"/"Whatsa matter wit you boy") like Sativa is more known for.

    If you do get a license, then heres my tip:Look for the purple :eek:
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    so whats the best method of using it, I have a cheapo vaporizer and I can roll like no other, but in order for me to feel any real buzz I got to go through like 3 joints or 2 blunts to get knocked out. When I vape I feel that I waste my weed because it only lasts a couple of draws and then in a matter of a minute or two my duff is the light brown color. Also, when I have smoked, I prefer indicas as well, but whats your opinion on the best strain, I like AK-47 myself, but I'll go for romulan any day. Also can anyone refer me to a good physician in the northern los angeles area?

  7. if you pay under 150 its a bad clinic and your cards going to be not good within a month
  8. My ass man. Your 21, and you smoke on rare occassions. Cmon. One joint and you should be flying. Inhale the shit man. If you are legit smoking AK, half a joint should fuck you up.
  9. #9 mikeboiiii, Apr 25, 2010
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    Well actually now that you mention it, I haven't rolled that many indicas, I smoked joints and blunts when I first got into smoking, and at those times I was doing stuff like LA Confidential and acapulco. I haven't really rolled a joint of ak 47 romulan or white widow for that matter. Maybe I should start............ And really I smoke maybe once a week or once two weeks, and thats not very rare occasions. Really I try to smoke when I can afford it, so if I have enough money I'll ask my friend to hook it up.
  10. I have insomnia and the only meds they give for insomnia that are addictive are benzodiazepines like Klonopin and at the regular dosage it is the least of the benzos that can addict you. I was on it for about two-3 years and I was perfectly fine. Ambien causes sleepwalking in a small percentage of people. That is the only one that would make you "black out". I'd stay away from that, but other ones I have heard of are perfectly safe.

    I am wondering if the temperature of your vape is too high.

    Indicas are the shit for sleeping problems. I am going on MMJ for insomnia and a host of other health problems. I want to get off my current sleeping med because it is also an anti-depressant and it is interfering with my meds for bipolar. But I can't get a rec for insomnia in my state, but I can get it for pain and nausea which I have.

    Good luck. I hope more people come on with specific answers to your doctor, dispenseries and hopefully with your vaping problem. If no one has a better solution for your vaping duration being so short, I would go to the Toking Tools forum.


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