Is it really worth it to buy a bong over a homemade water bottle bong?

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  1. I was thinking about buying one of those $10 acrylic bongs from the GC store but I'm a little hesitant. I don't smoke super frequently (couple times a week maybe) and I'm not sure if it'll really be worth it.

    Is a cheap bong an improvement over a homemade crappy one?
  2. yes, but I would get something with a slide on it, not the acrylic ones because they got carbs. It just doesnt feel like a bong hit you know?
  3. On those acrylic bongs can't the bowl be removed the same way a slide would? Or is it stick in the bong?

  4. they can be removed but its hard to do, really, dont bother with acrylic unless you dont mind using a carb.
  5. I would absolutely recommend a proper smoking apparatus (be it a pipe, bong, et cetera) over homemade pieces--even for infrequent smokers.
  6. Yeah get yourself a nice glass spoon or a cheap glass pipe you will be much happier, then come show it off so we can all gawk at it.
  7. Okay I suppose I'll buy the bong. I don't mind using a carb (I have been all this time with my homemade piece) and I'm tight on cash (I'd prefer to spend it on more grass :smoke: ) so I think I'll get the cheap one. Thanks for convincing me you guys.
  8. Honestly I would post it on here before you buy it. Some of them have weird bowls that give off metal shavings once you need to scrape it from the resin clogging it.
  9. all aluminum bowls do that :)
  10. $13
  11. definitely worth it but go with a nice glass bong with a glass on glass slide you can find them for under $60
  12. Where do I get some of those cheap $13 ones?
  13. My advice, if your gonna buy a bong, buy a decent one. A solid glass one, can be bought for under 60 and it's definently worth it. If your just looking for a starter smoking apparatus, get a glass spoon. A small glass bowl is where i started and it was $20, well made, transports easy, and stealthy. I would say always go glass, there are some decent metal ones, but i like glass a whole hell of alot better.

  14. Dont do it.... Please.. Its not worth it man... Go for the 40 buck one. Its 100x times better.. That small ones a waste of your money.

    Youll have a very nice bong for 40 bucks.

    +rep XD
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    The bong I posted earlier (Glass Bong - English - is what I'm gonna try to order tomorrow. How am I supposed to know if it's a slide or a carb bong? It doesn't say in the description and it's hard to tell (it kinda looks like it has a carb).

    PS: Sorry, I'm relatively new to the workings of bongs as I've never used anything other then my homemade pieces.

  18. it has a slide and a carb

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