Is it really toxic?

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  1. Hey, so I may or may not have built a DIY Chillum-pipe, that actually work... (hard-hitter btw)
    Basically, A got a marker, and stripped it, till the only thing that was left was a solid plastic tube, then a put a glass vape driptip on one side, and a aluminum? metal? driptip on the other to act like the bowl.
    But, when I show it to people, they all say the same thing : ''That plastic is gonna make the smoke toxic''
    I never understood why they were saying it, its not like the plastic touches the fire...

    Pretty much, what I ant to know, is, Im I fucking myself up, or it's fine?

    edit: Some also say that the driptip is no designed to be burned, and may be bad for me..
    I can understand that, but I don't know... What are the odds...
  2. yes its toxic...throw it away...heating up plastic releases incredibly toxic chemicals into your body. Even leaving a water bottle in the sun for awhile is toxic...just buy a 10 dollar glass bowl from a gas station...
  3. The metal drip tip I use as a bowl gets warm, but doesnt spread heat that good, so the plastic isn't even warm... I think I said that above.. I know that burned plastic is HORIBLE for you

    Edit: And, if my local gass station sold pipes, we wouldn't be having this conversation right now
  4. it doesnt matter if it is "being burned." I guarantee you it is getting warm on the inside...
    Serious Health Risks Linked to BPA
    Structural damage to your brain Changes in gender-specific behavior, and abnormal sexual behavior
    Hyperactivity, increased aggressiveness, and impaired learning Early puberty, stimulation of mammary gland development, disrupted reproductive cycles, ovarian dysfunction, and infertility
  5. Ok, fuck... If I use a metal pipe? that would be fine right?
  6. also the more you use it the more the plastic around the fire side will be stressed causing it to leach even more bpa...its just straight up bad for you...
  7. stay away from aluminum but yes metal is fine for the most part.
  8. if you don't wanna roll joints invest in a nice glass piece...they are super cheap and the best option as far as health is concerned...if you must use metal just dont get one of those supercheap aluminum pieces...aluminum is very very bad for you..
  9. I think my ''bowl'' drptip is aluminum... shit.......
  10. I mean...its nothing to be super paranoid about...aluminum actually gets oxidized in oxygen so if you are getting anything off it...its going to be that...studies have shown though that aluminum is a contributing factor to alzheimers and for that reason alone chancing it is just silly...with so many other option out there it just doesnt make sense to use something that is even remotely dangerous...smoking out of anything plastic is just bad period..aluminum really isnt that big of a deal just wouldnt wanna do it very often if ever at all.
  11. I'll stand alongside literally every word that Slowdog has typed in this thread.

    Think about how hot the fire from a lighter gets. It may not burn your finger if you wave it across once, twice, or even ten times. But, you do that stuff 100 times, and your finger is going to start getting calloused. The same principle applies to aluminum and plastic. You're burning it very slowly and those harmful chemicals are slowly leeching out.

    And we haven't even talked about whether or not your guy flushes.
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  12. thanks man...and yea if you are getting anything but organic buds which in this day and age I highly you are just compounding the problem. stick to glass or just good ole papers...I actually prefer onion skin papers if you can find them they work very well..a little harder to roll with but they are great...or hemp papers as well...I dont know where you live but usually there is a headshop within a half an hour from most people...a pack of papers and a small glass pipe will set you back less than 20 bucks..youll probably spend more than that on your next bag anyway...might as well smoke it with something respectful...hehe.
  13. Lots of us growers don't flush. It's not always necessary depending on how your grow. Another 1 of those stoner myths that all weed needs flushed.
  14. true...if you grow 100% organic no need to flush but I think (and I could be wrong ) but most people use liquid ferts...which really should be flushed...not that I am a very experienced grower but I have read so freakin much lately that I feel like I kinda know what I am doing by
  15. Riiiiiight. So, you tell me.... how exactly does YOUR cannabis work? Mine takes in nutrients and chemicals to help it grow. However, I don't necessarily want those chemicals in MY body.

    I don't know about you, but I'd rather take the ~ two weeks of nothing but water and ensure that I'm not going to give myself alzheimer's, lung disease, a shrunken pecker, etc.
  16. It isnt necessary to flush if you are using supersoil...(pete moss, perlite, worm casting, granite dust, and compost) this method will allow you to never add any additional nutes to your plants...flushing would do fact you are basically flushing the plant for its entire life cycle cause the only thing you are using is water.
  17. First off 2 weeks without nutrients isn't a flush. All that is, is allowing the plants to use up the nutrients it has in reserve.

    Want to get away from chemical and never have flush grow organic. Head over the Grasscity organic section, learn to build your own soil and get away from that bottled synthetic crap, glad I did.
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  18. You're wrong lots of people are growing organic and more so everyday. Even with bottled nutrients it's not necessary to flush if you allow the plants to use up its reserve before harvest
  19. By the way flushing doesn't remove anything from the plant, it removes salts, nutrients, etc from the soil so it's not there for the plant to uptake.
  20. yea, but dont like, basically all bottled nutrients contain stabilizers and salts that really do need to be flushed?

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