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  1. I lost my log (forgot the password to the encrypted flash drive!). I have no idea what date of flower this is :-(. I started back in October and let it go with 4 weeks of veg (bad idea had to tie her down she grew like crazy once switched to 12/12). My best guesstimate is Nov 12th if i can remember correctly is when i first started seeing the bud sites develop.

    With that being said. I think I'm into the 6-8 weeks into flower :confused:.
    I lost my loupe so i can't check trichs (did that last harvest and I'm pretty sure i harvested like 3 weeks early trichs were 50% cloudy 20% amber 20% clear :mad:)

    Strain is Bubba Kush by CH9 (freebie think it's called Bubba Kush 33). This is my first photo period grow.

    (nute burn from overfeeding during the holidays)
    Her last feeding was 6 days ago. Should i just give her pure water this week and harvest a week after?

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  2. It looks like it could develop a little more. The extra week of flushing should make it turn out awesome. Id say your right on with the week of flushing. Good luck!!
  3. Yeah I think I'm going to feed her again this week and then flush next and harvest the week after. That will get me to around 10 weeks flower which from what I'm reading seems to be the sweet spot for bubba kush.
  4. Might have a little longer than that, the hairs haven't recessed into the calayx too muh and it still looks young,

    Looks like it still have a good swell and dusting left, leaves look SATIVA dominant phenol so I'd guess it's closer to the 10 week (for harvest) mark...
  5. Yeah give it at least two more weeks.
  6. I'd say stay around 80 days and start flushing the last 10 to 15 days. Looks to me like u have 3 more weeks. GL buddy let us know.
  7. Pulled a popcorn bud today (calm down, it was for the best! I lollipop-ed her since i only have a 100w LED and this is one of the branches that I was like eh, give it a chance:cool:)

    The 2 bud pictures were taken a few days ago, noticed today that more fan leaves are falling off :hello: .

    Got the little popcorn bud drying on my gaming pc exhaust for a quick sample.

    Edit: yeah i know my trim job kinda sucks, working on it.

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  8. id give it another month. patience is key son!

    edit: maybe not a month but pretty close to!
  9. Yea looks like a few more weeks
  10. Hopefully she swells up in these last 2 weeks. Tomorrow I'll "flush" by giving her a gallon of pure water. Soil is still moist from last weeks feeding (should have used more perlite).

    So with that said she will be cut down before lights come on, on the 13th :hello:. More than likely a little premature, I wish i could let her go for another week or 2 but I can't.

    P.S. Are there any good manicuring tutorials? I have the drying down to hang and when the stem snaps I'm going to jar and burp daily etc. But when it comes to trimming correctly I'm lost.. Do you trim before drying or after?

    Pics are from this morning.

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  11. I just trim all the huge shit off first then dry with the bud leaves and cut those after

    some trim everything before dry.
  12. She looks like she has a lot of sativa in her. I would go another two weeks. Just my guess by the pics.
  13. I know if you trim too much, it won't dry evenly. I normally get the big fan leaves off, but leave the rest on for a week. Then let her dry nice and slow. Curing will help the chlorophyll break down, less green=better taste.
  14. Harvested today. She's currently drying! I'm quite impressed with how dense the nugs are compared to my last grow. She was extensively lolipoped and all side shoots were taking during harvest as "samples".

    It looks premature but most trichs are cloudy I'd say 85% the rest are clear. Hopefully I've found the secret to no couchlock bud (harvest slightly earlier).

    Question: I let her dry on a pretty big portion of the main stem. Is this ok for a slow dry? or will it dry quicker because of the big hole in the center of the stem going up? I was thinking this would make for some even drying since the outside would dry naturally and the inside moisture would work its way out of that opening on the main stem.

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