Is it ready for the chop?

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  1. Hi. I've been growing my Northern Lights auto since late April and wanted some expert opinions as to if it's ready to chop yet. I've attached some pics of the trichomes. This is my first plant so I'm still a little unsure what I'm doing, I'm sure it'll get easier with experience! Thanks for your help.

    Thu Aug 01 12-12-55.jpg Thu Aug 01 12-13-32.jpg Thu Aug 01 12-14-29.jpg Thu Aug 01 12-16-37.jpg
  2. I personally like some amber trichomes in there.
    Looks like mostly milky. That’s fine too. It all depends on the kind of high you’re looking for.
    Chop away at your pleasure imho...
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  3. Thanks for your reply. From the photos it seems to be about 5% (if that) amber at the moment. I'm sure I can still see some clear in there as well, although it's almost all milky. Can I chop if there are still a few clear? I might give it until the end of the weekend and see how it's looking then.
  4. I would wait. Give it a week but you can chop any time.
    You get a spacey lightheaded buzz with clear. Most ppl chop when milky, at least. I like about 20% amber because I like a body buzz.
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  5. heres a chart about the colors of trichomes it may help you,,mac, when-to-harvest-cannabis-diagram.jpg
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  6. I reckon I better steal that mac
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  7. Thanks for the chart mac, that's extremely helpful. Judging from that I'm in the 3rd one down so as pointed out it's ready to harvest once I'm ready! Thanks for the help.
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