Is it ready for harvest ??

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  1. Hey guys, Its my first growing with cfl and florecent.  I have a few quastions. I will go to abroad for 2 weeks. I have some plant (with different growing time so some of them started to flowering late). So one of my plants seems ready to harvest but i am not so sure yet. can u check out if its ready or not ? 


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  2. At least 2 - 3 more weeks
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    no no no don't harvest anything. I'd give it 3-4 more weeks. Probably a month.
    EDIT: what are they planted in? Because I don't think they will survive 2 weeks without care at this state.
  4. Woah no. No. And no.Sent from my HTCEVOV4G using Grasscity Forum mobile app
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    I concur minimum 3-4 weeks yetSkip on over to RadioShack/electronics store go spend the $10 on a pocket microscope and go from there if you can't do that then I really wouldn't ask A good Majority of the hairs could likely be shriveled up once the trichomes have started to mature those are still young and your leaves are not frosty AT ALL
  6. All hair no buds means it isn't time yet! haha. 
  7. Ohhh Okay thank u for ur advices.. so I will not harvest yet. btw one more quastions, u think they can survive 2 weeks without water ? coz as i said i must leave to abroad coz of my work. 
  8. Invest in some sort of timed watering system, should do the job while you are awaySent from my iPhone using Grasscity Forum
  9. What size are the containers that they are planted in? Also what medium are you using? The way I grow is coco coir, and by the end of flower I can get away with 2 weeks no interference, but by that time they are seriously dry and sagging. I'd go with what the above poster said and look into rigging up a possible temporary drip system.
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    ok TBH ive seen 4ft tall plant go a month without actually.... we will say 3 weeks without water but it was also very cold so there was no growth going on... i think you should just ask someone to water for you.. its not like they will mess up much (shorties) then you can avoid sad water leaks that could do damage in two weeks time
    container is 2 gallons.  and  I didn't understand what u r asking "Also what medium are you using? " sorry for my poor english lol
    Oh, what I mean by medium is are you growing in soil? Coco coir, hydroponically with water? Etc. If you are using soil you could get away with longer time between watering.
    You need a automatic watering system. I left my plants for a little more then a day and they were begging for water and I soaked the soil. 1 week would probably come close to killing your plants depending on how much they drink. 
    its soil. okay anyway, i must make a system for auto watering .. :)

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