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Is It Raining

Discussion in 'Seasoned Marijuana Users' started by unoit, Apr 11, 2003.

  1. HIGH All, ooooohhhhh what a week from hell it's been. Been up Island and I've never seen it piss so much. It rained so had the road we took into the job site had a mudslide and took out the road and railroad tracks with some empty cars on it.
    Sure glad to be back in the City...missing the goings on is a killer!!!!

    Enough of me babbling on with the pics.

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  2. HIGH All, the cars that transport the logs and the slide.

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  3. HIGH All, a couple tons of mud eh!

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  4. HIGH All,

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  5. HIGH All, the overall pic of the site. The mudslide happened in the upper left corner of the pic.

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  6. call me stupid, but, what city?
  7. We finally had the sun show up here today after four days of rain, but the wind is trying to blow the sun away.

    At my kids soccer game last night it was damp and misting, 44 degrees with 10-15 mph winds that had the windchill down close to freezing.


    Last weekend it was 80 and sunshine and supposed to be there tomorrow. I saw the first hummingbirds of the year last weekend and I am ready to cook up a few quarts of my multi colored hummingbird feed. I must be a damn hippie if I make my own hummingbird feed and I make it in every color of the rainbow except yellow, (it looks like piss in the feeders)

    I got to plant some tomatos this weekend, 52 at last count!

  8. lol...

    never thought about it... :p
  9. I had one of those to wet to work days yesterday!!!1 Today I got my 14 hours in though!

    I'm glad to see you taking pics of the slide and not pics of you IN the slide..

    Have a good day at the city!
  10. It's been raining quite a bit where I live in the New England area. I don't mind it all that much. Since I didn't work today, it was nice to kick back with my bong and get couch locked.
  11. High Unoit...glad you were able to make it to the City...(still laughing at Lucid for that one.:))

    I can't believe it but the rain has finally stopped here. We're supposed to have some sunshine for the weekend, which makes me a happy girl.

  12. yeah yeah laugh it up at my expense :p
  13. HIGH All, ROTFLMAO.F.F.F. there is only one great City we All go to. Don't worry Lucid_Reality it happens to the best of us. Yes Bud Head glad no one was hurt.

    This is what we recieved on our trip down Island.

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  14. It just stopped raining here. Thank goodness.

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