is it possible?

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  1. To go from having a bit of a gut, to being a little slimmer without exercise, and just eating healthy?

    Probably an ignorant question in terms of health and fitness, but I don't exercise alot and am not super fond of it.
  2. pretty sure you will lose some weight by cutting down and eating healthy.

    but if you want your result then youre going to have to work for it.
  3. It's not so much that I'm lazy, its just the feeling of being tired, sweaty, and just bleh.

  4. Really? That's what's stopping you? :laughing: Alrighty~
  5. I guess. I mean yea i feel good after a shower and stuff, but while actually exercising i just feel like shit lol

  6. ohhh bruh!

    tired/sweaty/bleh/soreness = result.

    man up homie. lol

  7. Okay, what ever floats your boat. All I got to say is exercising is an essential part of having a long and healthy life.:)
  8. i agree man up wtf next are you going to buy a scooter chair because its hot outside and you dont wanna get sweaty from walking?

    i fucked LOVE being tired and sore and sweaty it means its working! then again im the guy who puts on after shave or uses mouthwash and always says "if it doesnt burn its not working!" thats just me i HOPE TO GOD you are a girl because you sound like one and i guess sure you can lose wieght by eating right and not'll take a few years and kick ass genetics but sure...good luck.
  9. It's definitely possible so long as you adhere to your diet plan properly. I don't know that it's going to make you feel any better though. I have a feeling you'll go from chubby and blah to skinny and blah.
  10. No.

    You obviously missed what I said. Not a fan of exercise. I don't mind walking. I actually advocate it.

    Its the lifting weights and running i hate.
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    Exercises like lifting weights and running increase leptin production, which is the enzyme that burns fat. Plus lifting weights and running release a ton of endorphins which is a natural high that has psychological benefits. Walking is a step in the right direction, but you can do more.

    How to Increase Your Production of Leptin |

    Exercise and "The Endorphin Rush"

    So exercising regularly is a win-win situation, you improve your body's health and your mental health.:) I really encourage that you add a exercise program into your life. ^_^
  12. working out and being healthy in general make your high better fyi :D

  13. First off, who are you to tell me my genetics are not good?

    Secondly, I won't be responding to your comments any more since i came here for simple advice. Didn't ask to be talked down to when the thread was made.

    Thanks for being a douche.
  14. sorry i appologize i wasnt aware of the fact that you've never met people with good genetics for you to understand what i mean. wierd that you've never met anyone who never exercises is a couch potatoe and eats a crapload of shitty food and junk and is always "naturally fit" again i appoligize not sure how you cant distinguish hard work from natural gifts but good luck on wishful thinking and i am NOT a douche. i am an Asshole thank you very much.

  15. Nah your a douche.
  16. thought you werent going to respond to my posts specifically? HA pfft hypocrite...
  17. If you don't excersise at all you're making it much harder on yourself, actually.
  18. This is one of the all around most immature threads ive seen in a while

  19. Dude don't feed him a bunch of bullshit about good genetics, genetics mean NOTHING when all your trying to do is get in shape. Anyone can get in shape, I don't give a fuck about your DNA. It doesn't matter. Now if he was training to compete in a sport at the highest level then maybe start talking about his "genetics" or "natural talent".

    OP, you can get in shape, but it's gonna be a lot slower, harder, and less satisfying if you don't exercise. If you're fat lifting weights will help you lose it by making your body devote calories to muscle building. Are you just chubby or are you full blown fat? Because if you're fat running isn't the best thing for your knees. I mean you can still do it, but it'd probably be better to do another form of cardio like biking, or swimming.

    And eat lots of meat and vegetables, don't go overboard on carbs. and don't drink a bunch of pop, and exercise like I described and I don't see any reason why you shouldn't lose weight.

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