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  1. For starters I know not much about growing, I've read a few guides and got some info from friends. Ok well I was wondering if it was possible to just put seeds into the ground with a little bit of fertilizer and a good water ever day/when ever i have to. Like not put heaps and heaps of effort into it, no im not lazy read a head. I have an awesome spot where no one ever goes and the soil is a really dark colour and is always moist. The only thing i worry about is germination. I can't do it at my house because I have a lot of people coming over a lot of the time, and my parents.

    So any help will be greatly appreciated

  2. naaa....pot is so freaking sensitive it has to be grown in a sterile clean it makes a surgical room look filthy...that and you need special lights, the sun will kill it in a second of exposure. The air has to have special gasses in it or the leaves will ignite spontaneously...If it was so easy, mother nature would have allowed hemp to be grown on farms and such, like corn and wheat...:p

    yes it can be done, gorilla farmers do this all the time...cartels in south america grow it in vast fields like we did for the hemp used for rope prior to asslicker (or is it spelled aslinger...same difference i guess) creating the book and tactics on how to lie to get away with greedy goals and bigotry...
  3. hahahahaha!!!
  4. ok so do i need to germinate or do i just pop it in the soil
  5. Germ it! it almost garuantees a a sprout, protect the sprouts with cut bottles, critters would love to munch a baby mj! dont be illegal, dont get in trouble! lol
  6. yeah im gonna put it in a bottle with a lid and burn a hole in the bottom and turn it up side down
  7. good to hear, visit your spot as least often as possible, 4+ hours of direct sunlight should produce results. goodluck!
  8. hardware stores have those 'jiffy' peat pucks, add distilled water, let it expand overnight, poke a shallow hole through the top (2 inches or so) drop in the seed, and move a little of the peat to lightly cover the hole...let it sit in a warm spot (warm, not hot) for a few days.

    When it has grown to its first set of leaves, plant it in a choice spot.

    Take some loose peat with you to add to the soil, maybe some perlite too (water drainage).

    use support rods (sticks) if needed, sapling bark is good for loose knots to hold the seedling up

    when you check on it, take a gallon of distilled water with a teaspoon of unsulfered molasses mixed in it and water around the plant (once every two weeks at first, then weekly when it is mature, it adds good stuff to the soil to make your plant very happy);)

    wait until fall, when most of the trichnomes are amber and harvest:hello:

  9. big cat and coyote urine (even human) will tend to deter a lot of critters...check some hunting gear stores for it. Just spray it around the area (not on your babies).
  10. I pee around my garden and the squirrels and rabbits wont go close. good info!

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