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Is it possible

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by Pipesmith, May 10, 2010.

  1. to hotbox a car so much that resin gets caked on the windows? And how much weed would you need to achieve that?
  2. At first man, I thought this question was dumb as shit....but then I realized it's ingenious and now I am with you dude...I wanna find this shit out!
  3. This is just a redic question really lol but my guess is that no amount of people could ever achieve this, nor could they handle the amount of smoke to achieve this lol. I say this because I use a waterfall bucket type thing to smoke sometimes and It's been used SO many times with full milky hits, and its just starting to get little bits of resin inside it. So..i say just too much weed lol.
  4. Haha.
  5. probably not....

    but my friends car ALWAYS has a mixed fruity smell to it cause of the amount of blunts smoked in there over a period of time...
  6. thats awsome and i was wondering because one of these days i want to buy a van really cheap drive it out to the woods and bring a pound of weed my freinds and our bongs i was thinking that blowing smoke on the window might help
  7. culd u use the resin or something

  8. no

  9. Well then you both aren't thinking very clearly.

    Seriously, think about the question OP and then think about all the places where resin collects, or more importantly where resin does NOT collect when you're smoking.

    How exactly are you going to get resin buildup on a surface that is considerably far apart from the source of combustion?

    Do you actually think you've got "resin" when you exhale? Because that would be about the only "source" of resin I can think of when inside a car smoking.

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