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is it possible

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by DevilsYesca, May 30, 2009.

  1. okay guys so heres the sad story after boxing at skool we smoked a gram at our bleachers and then some idiot dropped my piece and it broke into two pieces i got mad and got 6bucks well goodbye spidamaang


    so then i decide to attempt to use my bubbler which i thought was probably unsmokable piece so i cleaned it real good and got a minimal suction after i dry it offf so i decide to use it in my porch i pack it hit hit then i pass it my bro and he lays it on table sudden wind blows it off and it breaks into 4


    well enough with my story without pieces but ziggys i got a piece that has a crack and a piece fallen off that i can put back on it as a jigsaw so i put gum to hold it together the cracks undeer dont get bigger because the piece is heavyly resined so anyways i can keep that piece of glass attached to it because its part of the dome packin area any type of safe glue?:smoke::smoke::confused::confused::confused::mad::D:wave::hello::cool::rolleyes::devious::smoke::smoke::smoke::smoke::smoke::smoke:
  2. Buy another piece my friend. And how does wind blow heavy glass off a table?
  3. lets put it this way bro, it was a shitty piece and it jus happen :confused:
  4. Smoke inside ontop of pillows next time!

    Or you can just not drop it? lol
  5. Stop being cheap and buy a quality piece.
  6. He's right. I bought a piece that was triple blown for $55. It was dropped multiple times and it would just bounce. What surprised me is that it didn't have a scratch on it.
  7. uhh u see that red piece it happened to be 9 dollars and tripple blowned i dnt get ripped off with a price more then 10 bucks for a piece but guess wat ey i got no money so im rollin j's :hello::D

  8. haha the life expectency for my pieces r months i had the red 1 for 5months:hello::rolleyes::(

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