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Is it possible?

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by BaconBitz, Aug 6, 2008.

  1. One of my good friend's who I blaze with alot somewhere in the past told me that the next day after you got high you can get high again with no weed by simply thinking about getting high or something like that. I beleive that this is complete nonsense but I just wanted to ask if you really could.
  2. nah man.. but u can trick urself into thinkin ur high if u believe that by the placebo effect, which is very real and has effects
  3. lol no but ive meditated and I was stoned (my body was, not my mind).
  4. Wow! I'm surprised you guys awnserd so quickly. Thanks. I'll try this sometime.
  5. lol try wat? it wont work
  6. Dude, you just stated that I could trick myself into thinking I am high.
  7. fine .. lol.. go for it
  8. You cant really get high but you can fool your mind into it if you worked on it ahrd enough maybe though... Look up some stuff on Madatation on google...
  9. you can definitely can train your mind by using triggers,

    its kinda like Pavlov's dog, in a way except you do it to your own subconscious

    every time you smoke do a very specific action, right after you smoke do that action (touching something, moving your fingers a certain way, something) and visualize how being high and doing that action feels good

    if you keep this up for a while you can do it without weed and your mind will release endorphins and you will feel good, you won't get high from cannabinoids though so its not exactly being high

    you have to really make yourself believe that the action you are doing is causing you to get high, and you can train your mind to respond

    try it
  10. Well I don't know for you, but when I smoke, I usually make my own high. I mean, I am really buzzed and everything is different, but if you start doing stupid funny shit, your high will be 10 times better.

    But good luck rebuzzing yourself...
  11. All you guys talking about getting high by thinking about it are tripping balls right now, hahaha.

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