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Is it possible?

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by Astronaut Joe, Feb 10, 2014.

  1. So last Thursday my court case for possession was dismissed, all I have to do is talk to my intake officer one more time then I am off easy. She couldn't meet with me the day I got it dismissed and scheduled it for next Thursday, one week. NOTE I was clean for about 6 months before starting to smoke after hearing the good news my case was dismissed. That night that I got my case dismissed I took one hit from a bubbler. 2 days later I smoked a joint, and took a couple bong hits with 3 other friends (Saturday night) and Sunday morning I took one final hit from a bubbler. There is a small possibility I could be drug tested by my intake officer because she asked the last time I smoked and talked to my parents about them drug testing me. My parents told her I was drug tested 3 times and passed all of them. I'm just really scared that I might be tested and fail. Today is Monday, last night I ran like hell. I sprinted for 20mins with 2 sweatsuits on and then biked for another 40mins at my gym. I am planning on sweating this out of my system for 3 days of intense working out for an hour and then the last 2 drinking lots of water. I'm 17 and weigh 140 pounds with hardly any fat on me. Is this even possible to get out in the now 3 days before my test? I've read tons online but I know for sure exercise and water will help get the weed out. Please don't tell me what I already know, I know I shouldn't have smoked but I wasn't sure she was going to test me. I know now it's a possibility, could be a swab or a piss test. Thanks
  2. Pretty sure you need to be 18 to posting here.
    You are correct though, you shouldn't have smoked being that this is more of a serious matter.  I would go to a smoke shop and buy a detox ( if you even can since you're a minor ) as well all the exercise you're doing.  That's really all you can do besides buying fake piss

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