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Is it possible to sneak a g-pen with wax on a cruise?

Discussion in 'Marijuana Consumption Q&A' started by Garden_master, Jun 22, 2013.

  1. Going on a carnival cruise from LA to Ensenada Mexico next week and I need my meds ;) never been on a cruise so just wondering would they even question the wax/micro g's? Pretty sure I can pass the g's as e-cigs. Or is this all just too sketch?
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    Yeah just try to make a really good hiding spot for it. One thing though, do not bring it with you if you dock in a foreign country cause they will search the Shit out of you even if its jet mexico

    Edit: at night go to the rear of the boat and I bet you will see people burning lol
  3. Yup, my brother just did it this week in fact. 
  4. I would have the g pen on your carry on as you board. Hide the wax in coffee just to be safe dogs are just for explosives so don't stress them. Been on 5 cruises brought bud on 3 security onto the ship has always been really lax. As for ports you just go through a metal detector and your carry ons get scanned fyi when boarding.

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  5. Yes just wrap it in clothes in your bag

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  6. its called taking it rolling it up in a plastic ziplock and then sticking it in your ass crack or in your underware or even your arm pit
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    I don't see why not. You could probably take a blunt and baggie onto a cruise. It's not as tight as an airport, security wise.
    They tell you not to bring your own alcohol onto cruises because they want you to buy their overpriced shit, but everyone puts bottles in their socks.
  8. Any other good hiding spot suggestions? Thanks for the knowledge
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    What did you end up hiding yours? I'm going on a cruise and have the same question
  10. Buy a pringles box & give it a false bottom, keep it in your carry-on. Nobody can get mad at you for munchies.
  11. Hey @[member="Garden_master"],How did your cruise/trip go? I'm fixin to go on a cruise out of Galveston to Caribbean and I plan on doing this very thing. How did you fare?
  12. Just say its a electronic cigarette
  13. Put it in your urethra
  14. If there's any metal, it will be detected on your person if you try to take it on that way. Take the wax onto the ship in your pocket or stuffed in your pants. The CLEAN pen should be put in an e-cig box. Doing it this way is safe. Don't put anything illegal in your luggage, all luggage is ran through an x ray machine for possible weapons or narcotics. I had a note in my luggage that they had searched it to verify that the pills in my luggage weren't narcotics. (They were over the counter allergy medication).
  15. Where are you going to on your cruise? Dude I smoked every day on the cruise and I brought NO weed. The islands we stopped at, so many people offered me pot so I bought it. But when you go back on the boat do NOT put it in your bag. Put it in your undies (or asshole if you're really scared). Don't bring shit on the boat, they take your luggage.

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