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Is it possible to smoke the already vaporized weed?

Discussion in 'Vaporizers' started by OliviaChoice, Jan 5, 2012.

  1. Is it possible to smoke from and get high off of the already been vaporized weed?
  2. A good vaporizer will vapourise the THC and other cannabinnoids, leaving the other stuff in the plant matter. vaporizers will get from around 82-98% of the THC out of weed,depends on how good your vaporizer is. So in simple words No you can't.
  3. Yes you can, top it with kief for a nice high whe your out of bud or go half weed half vaped bud
  4. Why someone would go out of their way to get a vapouriser and then smoke plant matter anyway is beyond me.
    The major point is it's more efficient than smoking (health too I guess), so there's not gonna be much left over. Probably even less than resin.
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  6. Nah not worth it. When I empty my wand from my DBV that bud is toast. U
  7. yes but its harsh and i wouldn't suggest it, the much better option is to save up loads and use it to make honey oil or brownies.
  8. It's a shame that all of you think that the only compound that affects us when we smoke weed is THC. Yes, it is the main compound, but there are many others: CBD, CBN, THCV, CBC, CBL. Vaporizers target THC. So, you absolutely can smoke your vaped weed but you won't be experiencing the effects of THC. Also, save your vaped weed to make brownies. My buddy who has a volcano saved 80 grams worth, made a batch of brownies and I swear they were very potent. Don't listen to what these guys are saying. Vaped weed is still very usable. Remember, it is not ash.
  9. Who doesn't set at a temperature to get the best of both THC and CBD? After that you can just set the temperature higher to vapourise the other compounds, but the only real use for them is medicinal.
    I'd personally go the ISO route after saving a high amount, like 80 grams.:smoke:

  10. Not positive but CBD may only be ingested through combustion. havent done the research so im not positive
  11. Nope, just has a higher vapourisation point than THC. The others vapourise at higher temperatures, but to my knowledge most vapourisers can reach them.
  12. yes!
    if your gunna bong it though dont take huge hits.

    i prefer rolling my abv into joints though and just taking small puffs from it.it will get you pretty stoned to if your vaping good bud.

  13. I stand corrected. Thank you for the clarification. The only risk of vaping higher would be the increased chemicals in the vapor, but its still many times healthier than lighting the bud. SO thank you for clarifying

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