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Is it possible to smoke so much weed you sweat it?

Discussion in 'Marijuana Consumption Q&A' started by autopsychosis, Jan 18, 2014.

  1. This is probably going to sound so stupid but I don't have any other explanation for it. It's gotten to the point that wherever I go someone comments on how dank I smell, even if I didn't smoke that morning. Even after taking a shower and getting clean clothes from the dryer (so they couldn't have been exposed to any smoke), everyone still says I smell like it. Thoughts? 

  2. Ive never experienced this.
    Definitely happens with alcohol though, youre sweat can stink of it the next day.
    Sure theres a scientific explanation - but Id say no from experience
  3. It's probably sweat. Try to workout so that you sweat it out there.
  4. Maybe your house just smells like pot?
    I don't feel like it smells that dank where I smoke so I don't know how it would stick on me like that but maybe? 
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    Perspiration = water forced out of cells. As far as I know, it's impossible to sweat out THC/CBD because they're fat-soluble and when you sweat, you're pushing out water and minerals, but not fat.
    However, I found this interesting tidbit on Wikipedia: 

    <sup>So yes, stuff you consume ends up in your sweat sometimes. This is probably why Indian people sometimes smell like curry, even though they're obviously not eating curry daily (or maybe they are?)</sup>
    <sup>If I had to guess, it's the smelly marijuana Terpenes/terpenoids which can find their way into sweat.</sup>
  7. Yes after sweating and playing basketball my shoes smell like straight weed not sweat, weed makes everyone in the gym think some one has dank on themSent from my HTCONE using Grasscity Forum mobile app
  8. Usually when I go to the sauna when stoned, it definitely reeks of some terpenoids in there. How is that possible?
  9. Just an idea but, thc is stored in fat cells, working out burns fat an excreats the excess through sweat hence the smell. But like i said just a thought.
  10. That just gave me an idea! Do you think it's possible to light up inside a steam room?
  11. loloolol am i the only one who found this hilarious 
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    THC is excreted in sweat, so it isn't unreasonable to think that their "friends", the terpines, that give cannabis its odor, might "tag along"!
    Usefulness of Sweat Testing for the Detection of Cannabis Smoke        (full - 2004)
    If it worries you, I do have a simple, safe and cheap solution! Go to the health food store and ask for some fenugreek seed tea.  Drink two cups of it a day and in a few days your sweat will smell kind of like maple syrup.
    Before the days of modern artificial flavors, fenugreek extract was used as an "artificial" maple flavoring. And that's what the tea tastes like, an un-sweet maple syrup solution. Adding a bit of honey or stevia, makes the tea quite pleasant to drink. It's also supposed to be a "blood purifier" and helps with lung congestion according to books on herbal medicines!
    Of course it is  ;)  It'll be more or less a hotbox situation as well, depending on the size of your steam room/sauna. If you're planning to light up during the relaxing steam action, be careful of too much heat so as to prevent any respiratory problems. 
  14. Ive never experienced this.   [​IMG]
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    They should have a whole season of Mythbusters dedicated to weed and OP's question should be in one of the episodes.
  16. I assumed since steam is water vaper, that the water would prevent the lighter from lighting, but i'll have to give it a try sometime! ;)
  17. I have found that at my age I have to be careful in the hot tub. Not for respiratory problems but the heat and Cannabis will cause a drop in blood pressure and I Damn sure don't want to pass out in the hot tub!
  18. There thc in your sweat and hair folicles but I dont think thc is what smells so I dont think thats possible but I really dont know.
    If you light up early, say, upon entering the steam room/sauna, humidity shouldn't cause any notable problems. :smoke: Lemme know how it works out!  :ey:

    Oh definitely don't, but hey, at least you won't be inducing any house fires!  :smoking:
  20. Does THC have a smell?

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