Is it possible to smoke in a table spoon or knife with a lighter?

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  1. so heres the thing, i dont have anything else than cans to smoke weed in, but i ve been smoking cans for a week without knowing it had p[lastic and other chemicles that can give me cancer, so i thought maybe i can use a spoon form my kitchen or knife and light it under to make my weed or kief burn and just inhaled form the top. is that possible and is there anything bad in the spoon or knife steel? i cant use the blades methode cause i can only smoke in my room.
  2. Lol are you being serious??

  3. Make a pipe from aluminum foil, or find a receipt, brush a lighter over the ink until it burns off. Or, find a bottle, find a socket for a wrench, make a bong.
  4. everything is a bong if you brave enough ^^
  5. Make a pipe from an apple or any round fruit in your kitchen, oranges, lemons and pears work good even a carrot. Look up videos on youtube.
  6. Cut the bottom off a bottle and get a rubber band or cloth and tie it to the top then put it around you head and just hotknife it

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  7. Put your kief on one knife and hold it over the stove until the knife heats up, and put another heated up knife on top of the kief. Hold a drinking glass over the knives to gather the smoke in one place, and inhale from the cup using a straw.

    I personally hate doing this. Gravity bongs with two liter bottles are better IMO.
  8. Or go to store n buy a pack of papers...or a wrap,or yur local hindu or arab shop sells bowls

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