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Is it possible to "shoot up" THC?

Discussion in 'Apprentice Tokers' started by Havok Se7en, Jan 10, 2012.

  1. Sorry about this stupid question, even though it should be obvious I'm not looking to do it.

    Just wondering. Is it possible?
  2. Possible but a really bad idea you'd need pure thc basically otherwise it's dangerous.
  3. THC is not soluble in water or saline solutions

  4. Damn that sounds fucking crazy.
  5. unless ur an organic chemist or work in a lab its kinda pointless even thinking about it

    a) its not worth doing

    b) its a very complicated process that would require expensive equipment

    there are water soluble cannibinoid derivatives though and im sure its possible, who the fuck would bother though
  6. extract it into alcohol
    shoot up alcohol
    feel effects of weed and huge BAC
  7. [quote name='"Havok Se7en"']Sorry about this stupid question, even though it should be obvious I'm not looking to do it.

    Just wondering. Is it possible?[/quote]

    Ive thought this before, we were gonna get pure thc through using the bubble hash method, but doing it over and over again (20 times plus) in a controlled clean environment, then we would take our product and make a super saturated solution with some sort of fat, as thc dissolves in it, we'd then go from there lol.

  8. oh wow
    inject fat into your blood stream
  9. that would be so fucked i coulnd never do heroin or shit like thatg
  10. Soooo yes? Lol nice op
  11. http://forum.grasscity.com/apprentice-tokers/975890-kief-needle-2.html#post13413027

    Yes you can, but for good reason, the discussion of intravenous delivery of cannabinoids is not allowed here....
    there are too many risks involved, even besides being sterile, and besides contamination.

    Many people can barely follow directions adequately enough, to make a simple firecracker. [​IMG]
    It's related to the reasoning, behind why the discussion of other drugs has been banned.

    Intravenous cannabis extracts should only used as a last resort and at the recommendation of a physician,
    the solution should only be made by an expert, and it should be injected only by either a caregiver or patient who
    has been trained how to inject and handle a syringe properly.

    If you make quality edible oils, and use good ingredients and processing methods, you can make 'medibles' that actually
    rival intravenous delivery.
    And that should be your first step (and hopefully, your last step), anyhow.. if you can't make a decent edible, you especially
    shouldn't even be thinking about injecting yourself with a concoction you've made!

    Edibles made with MCT containing oils do not bypass the liver, while intravenous injection, does...

    Meaning, that while they may take longer to kick in, edibles have the potential to be much MORE powerful than the same amount
    of potency delivered intravenously, due to the potentiating conversion from D9THC, to the more powerful 11-OH-THC, that takes place in a healthy, properly-functioning liver.
  12. Make a tincture, heat it up to the point at which alcohol boils. The remaining will be pure thc? Shoot it up. Don't try this -.-
  13. [quote name='"BongSquad"']

    oh wow
    inject fat into your blood stream

    Lol you wouldn't die from that?????? I'm talking about a very small amount anyway .
  14. [quote name='"kushalldaykush"']that would be so fucked i coulnd never do heroin or shit like thatg[/quote]

    yea but luckily this is thc so what the fuck are you talking about lol
  15. I think that if I ever got a pure enough form of thc to shoot up I couldn't resist smoking it anyway. So its a catch 22 for me.
  16. Why not just smoke a fatty bowl of kief or just make hash??
  17. That seems like it would be all sorts of horrible
  18. This guy has done it.

    [ame=http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=hzlX8FkgZh8]Shooting Up / Graphic - YouTube[/ame]
  19. Man I was hoping to put down the pipe and pick up needle:D

  20. Chemistry for the win.

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