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Is it possible to roll a joint with a cigarette?

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by ahh420, Dec 6, 2009.

  1. By removing all the stuff inside? and packing it with ground weed? or is that even called a joint.

    (Ima noob to this wonderful world of marijuana)
  2. yes it does work, and if you pack it well enough it burns perfect.
  3. yes it is possible, but not very effective. it burns quickly and uneven, and just not as easy as rolling a joint. Sometimes it is convenient because they are inconspicuous, but there are plenty of other ways to smoke while being on the DL ;)

    Good luck, hope i helped.
  4. yeah it works but be sure to take the filter off before you smoke
  5. well its hard to roll but u can use a joint paper and roll it to look like a ciggy using the pencil method and just add a filter and boom
  6. Do you have to completely remove the filter? or can you just cut most of it off...

    Thanks =D
  7. i just remove like half the tabbaco and pack it with weed
    carry it around till i use it then chuck the filter
  8. well i roll a j with cellophane rolling papers and i like to roll with a filter which u can buy seperatly to reduce some of the carcinogens
  9. You can buy rollin papers any where u can buy cigs.....just get rollin papers. A lot cheaper.
  10. Just roll a normal joint or blunt, wayyy better.
    It is possible tho.
  11. some advice, buy a pipe for smoking by yourself and practice rolling it will be easy once you get the hang of it and then you'll wonder why you ever considered to use the cig method.
  12. I have some home made pipes. =D

    I was just curious. I am unsure if i am going to do it.
  13. Everyone saying just roll your own or use a pipe, he obviously wants to be able to smoke in front of people without causing a scene.
    Just make sure after your done packing the weed to pull out the cotton filter and stick a rolled up piece of paper in there.
  14. its called a secret agent. its really not worth it, if you roll a baby joint without a king skin it just looks like a rollup cigarette anyway

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