Is it possible to roll a blunt with a black n mild?

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  1. I've looked this up a few times, and not once was my question answered. All I was told was that you can take out the tobacco and just pack it with bud. But, I'm not asking if I can 'pack' it. I'm asking if it's possible to roll a blunt with a blackn'mild mini cigar. Anyone ever done it or know how?
  2. yeah its possible. just like a normal blunt except a lil smaller and tighter.
  3. if you cut the mouthpiece guy off than i dont see why not. it might be thin though.
  4. its def possible but i wouldnt do it. i feel like the taste of the black would kill the taste of the weed.
  5. or you can buy a black and mild rillo? theyre out there. its like a black with no mouth piece and meant to be rolled with, lol
  6. Why a black n mild? Do you just want that mouth piece?

  7. Has nothing to do with the mouth peice haha. But nah, I just usually have a few black n' milds on me every now and then, so I was wondering if I could roll a blunt with it.

    And, before anyone says why didn't you just try it? I don't feel like wasting a black.
  8. dont do it with a black. the taste would be disgusting.
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    use the wrapper on it spin it around while pinching it till the tobacco falls out... pack bud down in like a pre rolled joint... poke with something to make tight, rip off extra wrappings. smokesmokesmoke

    Look up how to freak a black on youtube then just dont put the tobacco back in. lol
  10. ive done it with a b&m, but i wanted the mouthpiece xD
  11. Hell yea it's possible there are two ways to do it.
    If you're good at rolling blunts cut it down the middle and youll be able to roll it a good decent size.. If you're not good at rolling bleezys you might roll it too small.
    If you like the mouth peice roll the black n mild in your hands over a trash can until all of the tobacco falls out then grab a stick and stuff it full of green then put the mouth peice back on..
    Black n Mild blunts are tasty.

  12. ? it tastes perfectly fine and is actually less harsh than a rillo. blacks don't taste bad in the first place
  13. Dude, think about it on a simple level:

    What is a blunt? Tobacco leaf filled with marijuana. What is a black n mild? Tobacco leaf filled with tobacco, much like any other cigar (cigarillo). Take the tobacco out and fill it up with the herb.
  14. Dude black and milds make great little blunts. I don't suggest emptying them and refilling them with bud, usually gets too tight to smoke smoothly.

    you can either separate it at the mouthpiece or work the cigar out slowly as not to tear the leaf, this gives you like an extra 3/4" to work with.

    At that point you can smoke it like a blunt, or you can put in back into the mouthpiece and use the adhesive from a paper to seal it in, with the wood tips it looks great and never gets soggy :cool:
  15. take out tobacco. keep a LITTLE bit. mix it with some dank. stuff it back in. never been so high. i did that with 2 of them and smoked them at a 311 concert. fucking amazing.
  16. lol @ a 311 concert..
    I don't recomend you mix any of the BlacknMild tobacco with your weed, the shell is thick and good enough.
    Also about a half inch of the bottom will be cancer paper, give that part away or put it in a bowl if you can bear the taste.
  17. this here is someone that has never rolled with a black and mild, lol. the cancer paper runs the entire length of the black. hence why we freak em'.:wave:
  18. Well the last part's up to you, but yes.
  19. You can but who knows how pleasant it would be
  20. it can totally be done but why would you really want to? pick up anything (dutchie, games if ya got em, swishers) that will be wayyy better than a black. if your gonna do it though, gut it, make sure you get out the cancer paper, and just stuff the shit outta it.

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