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is it possible to reach a 'peak' when smoking?

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by NovaSmoka420, Nov 14, 2011.

  1. a few nights ago i smoked like 5 bowls of some decent reggie, then rolled a joint with what i had left, but when i lit the joint to the time it was just a roach, i didnt feel any higher whatsoever (i can usually tell how high i am by the shit im thinking about lol) and it made no difference. is it possible to have reached a peak? i dont think only 5 bowls of reg would get me there though. what about you guys?
  2. i have no idea it seems to me like i get higher each time and iv only smoked about 80 times :)
  3. You reach a limit off regs, if it were dank I think you can go til you pass out
  4. i find this with reggie i stay at a certain high for hours and i could smoke joint after joint
  5. i'm actually kinda mad, i should've just saved that joint. i smoked half the joint without exhaling either! lmao still didnt do anything
  6. I find even on dank i get a peak and after that when i smoke i dont get any higher if im high as fuck. I just get higher longer. Ive smoke for 3 yrs.
  7. i believe u can when it comes to mids. if ur puffin dank, you will just end up smoking till u pass out (i have done this a couple times in my life)
  8. Yes there absolutely is a limit with reg and dank its called tolerance and comes with most intoxicants if you smoke constantly it will do tht trust me there have been weeks/months of my life where I'll only be sober when I'm sleep and for an hr or 2 till I got home form school
  9. Even dank has it's limit.

    Dispensary dank is not very high quality, despite the fact that everyone thinks dispensary kush is like the highest grade there is, but usually dispensary bud will not let me peak no matter how many or how large I pack.

    For very potent peak you need very potent dank.

    Otherwise you need a TB.
  10. No better high than the wake and bake! It's all downhill from there.
  11. if youre familiar with the graph of a logarithm, thats how it is for me. the 1st bowl hits me as hard as the next 2 combined. theres no real limit (as in a logrithmic graph), but you get higher slower. so to get "twice as high" you may need 4x the bud or something similar. so beyond like a gram its not practical for me... cuz 2gs may not get me too much higher than 1g.

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