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Is it possible to not get high off edibles

Discussion in 'Weed Edibles' started by Towley, Dec 23, 2012.

  1. So i've done edibles a few times. All brownies, or like a blondie. The few times I did I didn't feel a thing. You were able to smell the bud in them as well as taste it. They were bought from a reliable source. Even my friend got knocked off his ass off one of them and I was sitting there saying I didn't feel a thing.
  2. When I've had brownies they only give me a small body high, but different types of edibles, say lollipops, can get me pretty fucked up. Try different kinds of edibles if you want, or just stick to smoking!
  3. Your own personal metabolic rate has a lot to do with effectiveness of ingesting reputable edibles.
    Processing methods, strain characteristics (potency of material), storage methods, type of material used, and several other variables also play a part in whether or not edibles will produce results.

    In my opinion, the two largest determining factors in creating high quality edibles are the processing method used and the type of material used.

    For example...dry blonde sifted hash infused into Coconut oil with an emulsifier > whole flowers infused into anything with or without emulsification.
    Concentrates = stronger, better quality, less contaminated material. (When processed properly of course)

    I have the same issue as OP, it's relatively difficult for me to experience results from edibles...even extremely strong edibles made properly do not seem to have significant effects. I attribute this to a ridiculously high metabolism and it kinda sucks. My friends get absolutely destroyed by my edibles, I however, require 2-3 doses before I feel anything at all.

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