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Is it possible to never get paraniod on MJ?

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by TR13, Feb 6, 2014.

  1. Reduced intake is effective in attenuating paranoia, as you've seen.
    And when you have access to specific strains--if paranoia is still an issue for you--seek out strains that have a high CBD-to-THC ratio. I'm susceptible to severe anxiety and paranoia when stoned, but those things are basically a non-issue when I smoke CBD-rich strains.
  2. My wife is the same way. We've been married for only 8.
  3. this.
  4. Maybe you don't match well with the particular strain you're smoking. The bud tender can pick one out for you that hopefully doesn't make you as paranoid. 
    you got it...moderation and start slow, find your sweet spot.
    lean to indica dominate strains, pure sativa's can go to your head and feed the 'noid  :bongin:
  6. I have a lot to learn and a lot to try.
    Luckily I didn't wait until I was an old man to get started! ;)
  7. I was gonna make a thread about this for Colorado peeps and if paranoia is as much of an issue for them now it's legal.
    I dunno if I have ever experienced paranoia, I've never been scared of the police or any shit like that. it's usually annoying if they are pulled up across the street while I'm trying to toke out the window but they generally don't look in my direction and they're dealing with their callout.
    I've had some dark thoughts though, my advice for those is to change the music, stand up, get a glass of water, maybe jog on the spot if you feel you need to. just basically make a conscious decision to be happy and change everything you are doing while you're having those thoughts - posture, where you're sitting, food and drink, music, lighting etc.
    come here on GC and chat to people, you will feel better in the company of others. you gotta take your mind off it, that's the main thing. laughter can help a lot too.
  8. That's normal when you smoke too much and you're a beginner. You've got access to the strongest weed on the planet and are smoking a good amount of it. Smoke less until you can handle it.
  9. Paranoia may not be  the right word. "Fear" is probably more suitable.
    The fear can be about lots of things, but apparently my favorite seems to be about my heart. Same fear I had back when I was 17.
    It goes like this:
    I'll be high and feel a pain in my chest...
    "Holy shit, did I just have a shooting pain in my heart?"
    Yup...heart attack!
    That's stupid, people don't get heart attacks from weed.
    Maybe I'm the first. Maybe weed does cause heart attacks, but no ones ever figured that out.
    If they do an autopsy, they'll find weed in me, and then they'll say "yup, this guy died from marijuana. we've been wrong all along."
    Oh well, everyone dies sometime.
    Should I tell my wife I'm having chest pain?
    No, she'll freak out and call 911.
    Maybe I'll just lay here quietly.
    Lay here quietly and die, and she'll just think I fell asleep. When she tries to wake me up, she'll realize I'm dead.
    Then I'll let a fart...
    "hey...that feels better!" I wonder what's in the fridge.
  10. I personally rarely suffer from paranoia when high. I think you do encounter it more when you begin smoking and as you become more seasoned it gets better.
    Alot of people will deny it, but it is logical to assume that cannabis can cause a heart attack. In some people, THC increases the heart rate (tachycardia) while also causing high blood pressure (hypertension) and then the high creates anxiety and paranoia, and all of this is happening at once, which increase risk for heart attack and stroke, I see it as a recipe for disaster.
    That being said it is important to know your body, know how healthy you are, and know how the high affects you, because it affects everyone differently. Take small hits, and space them out. Wait to see how high you get off of one toke, not one rip. Work your way up to taking big rips and more frequent hits. If you feel your heart rate starting to pick up and the anxiety setting in, stop, grab some cold water or something, and chill on some positive thoughts and laughs.
    Another thing too you can try is to not smoke with the mindset of "I'm smoking to get high" try smoking with a connoisseur mindset of enjoying the texture and taste of the smoke, some french inhales, focus on the smoke and the crystally herb and not the high.
    And after all of this is said and done, the more you smoke the more your tolerance will build up and most of those anxiety side effects will diminish, even heart rate won't increase much, but that can be months of heavy usage to get to that point, but again different for everyone. Enjoy the smoke man, or better yet vaporize!
  12. Great..just what I needed to hear! ( kidding..but I'm glad I didn't read that when I was stoned).

    I haven't been in for a physical for awhile. I should do that.
    But for an old man, I'm in pretty good/fair shape.

    I'm not on any medications for anything (except Motrin for my back when I'm not high)

    No high blood pressure. No family history of heart problems. My parents are in their early 80's, my grandparents lived into their 90's.
    I work for a living, and typically work up a good sweat more than once a week. If my heart racing was gonna induce a heart attack/stroke, I would think it'd be at work.

    The fear is pretty much irrational, IMO...just like all the others that sneak in when I'm really high.

    That's what I was asking in the OP.
    I got that answered too. I cut way back on the amount, and the fears haven't returned.

    ..and I am truly appreciative.
    If you cut back the doseage on your smoke sessions like you already have all of the side effects I listed are easy to control. Seems like you have this issue wrapped up you might want to mark the thread as solved so people know it's answered, happy tokin man.
  14. #34 TR13, Feb 9, 2014
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    I've been looking for a couple minutes now...I don't see how/where to do that.
    ..but I bet it's simple as hell!
  15. it should be in another members post or your post a green button that says mark as solved I can't see it though because I'm on my phone I think it's in the bottom right hand corner

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  16. been enjoying the ganja for close to 40 yrs. didn't hit my first fatty til i was 21. have had a heart attack, a few stents, and a bypass. but i have never given up the ganja. everything is to be done smartly and in moderation. enjoy.
  17. Stick with an indica strain. They are more body high so you won't get paranoia.

    You know that it would be untrue, you know that I would be a liar, if I was to say to you, girl we couldn't get much higher
  18. I'm not sure man. Everyone says they get paranoid or have anxiety or some shit. I've only been paranoid a couple times. Example: you pay attention to your heart beat. Next second you start thinking up these crazy ideas. ( maybe my dealer laced this shit because blah blahs seconds cousins sisters grandma doesn't like me) hahah it actually happens. If you have any common sense you should be fine and shouldn't have too much anxiety. Getting high for me is like anything else. That's probably an extra on why I don't get paranoids

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    As you might have noticed from what others said - it's all in your mind. Learn to control your thoughts and you will learn to control your high (and LSD high too, if you ever go that path, haha).
    By the way, if you ever get a panic attack - remember, control your thoughts. A panic attack tends to sometimes happen to a marijuana smoker, but the worst mistake you can do is start panicking and stressing out that something wrong will happen. NOTHING will happen other than you feeling worse because of your inability to control your mind. A panic attack is simply your brain becoming confused and defensive, activating the body's defensive mechanisms and feeling threathened (like in a sleep paralysis - your brain is there to protect your body and it takes every potentional threat seriously, your body is actually at its defensive capability height during a panic attack, altho you won't do good in a situation where you need to fully control your body), that is an unfortunate side effect of using a mind-altering drug.
  20. I think it is definitely something that goes away as you get used to it...I never get paranoid, really...if anything, get more relaxed n just don't give a shit about anything lol.

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