Is it possible to never die?

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  1. The very idea of death is quite unimaginable is it not?
    A thought I've had for some time now is this.
    What if in on reality you are walking down the street, and we see a car coming and move out the way as it's coming towards us, and the car narrowly escapes hitting us, we walk on and think 'wow that was close'.
    But.. In the same 'reality' you was hit by the car and died, and everyone in that 'current' reality had to go through the stages of grief and loss as you was hit and killed. But in a new reality you walk on with your day and see your loved ones the following night.
    The idea is that you simply carry on in some self believed and self made reality? Because ask yourself why have you 'never been hit' by a car, christ there's 2 billion of the things on the earth! or why have you 'never' had a heart attack, all those little scares you get, where you miss a heart beat but recover right away that could be a said heart attack? Loads of other examples. Good to hear your thoughts on this.

  2. Death is very imaginable..... Its real. Bodies aren't made to last forever. If you lived forever you be 1 pretty broken down bag of bones eventually. Wouldn't be much of a life.

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  3. birth = death, everything dies sooner or later

    does birth equal death?

  4. Interesting idea.

    I've often wondered what if there are infinite "realities" to match the infinite possibilities of every single scenario. What if when you die, your mind just jumps to a scenario in which you survived and on you keep going. In this case you may just live forever and ever and ever.......

    Then the drugs would wear off......

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  5. This is a very I involved question. How deep are you wanting to go?

  6. Wherever the mind takes you.

  7. i thought that once, but if one believes in the multiverse theory does that mean there is a multiverse with people who can cross to others and if so there will be one who will destroy and create all of them, infinite multiverses dont make much sense because some of the possibilitys contradict each other

  8. ^^


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  9. by fearing the inevitable you leave the rest of your days in fear of what is going to happen, instead of that try fear what you never done so you can live your life to the fullest

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  11. To determine if we can avoid death we need to establish what exactly life is.

  12. I think therefore I am.
  13. I didn't mean "if" you truly exist, but what "life" really is.

    Big difference
  14. Is it a test? A game? A journey? A mistake? A fight? A lesson? A random mess of disordered events? A play? A stage show or TV show were we are being watched for entertainment? A punishment? A gift? A memory? A thought?
    I read the other day that life is just your senses recording and decoding information. There is no physical world. Only your 5 senses reading and decoding different waves (like sight/light sound/vibration touch/???? smell/???? etc) and turning this information into electrical signals that are then sent to your brain, and it is these waves/electrical signals which form the 'real world'.

    The chair you are sat on rich now is not real, it's a mirage, your brain playing games, the screen you are looking into right now is not there really, it's your brain deceiving you. There is no physical reality, because all you really have are interpretations of what you perceive as reality. Life is a series of events, past, present and future. Like a play at the theatre, full of actors, lights and music all choreographed to perform. Some of us have the ability to throw the script down and freestyle and dance on the spot.

    Maybe the 'brain' is a receiver or transmitter and the soul wherever that resides is here to experience a new type of experience to learn and grow and develop (suppose that's some kind of karmic theory there).
    I really believe there are more layers to reality than we can ever know, like an onion. And the soul is a free floating entity of light that has decided to leave the source of all things to explore the wonders of the universe or whatever is beyond the universe (the void).

    There news to be a distinction between religion and spirituality. Religion is for the weak minded, the people who don't want to actually think for themselves, the people who want it on a plate. Religion is a barrier to the source of all things. The problem with religion is they (all 3000 of them) claim to know the source, have a connection with the ultimate, but they say 'we will give you snippets of the source but first you need to obey us, give us your money and pray every week and show us you are committed, only then will we give you a hint of what the source is, NOOOOOO this is wrong, you don't need to get on your hands and knees and pray like a dog, or go to church every sunday for christ sake.. This is so far removed from the true source of all things, you will be laughed at when you eventually return to the source. To be honest I think even 'spirituality' has become some kind of buzz word for manufactured enlightenment in the 21st century. "YOGA WILL ENLIGHTEN YOU" "BUY THIS GREEN SHAKE WE MADE AND BECOME ENLIGHTENED" "WEAR THESE FUNKY COLOUR PANTS AND BECOME ENLIGHTENED" "TRAVEL TO INDIA AND BECOME ENLIGHTENED"... Please stop it.
    My point is you are not here to follow other peoples ideas, you are here to investigate and learn from self inquiry.

    The soul is a house for the spirit upon leaving the source, then the soul searches and wanders like a bubble being pushed by the winds, then the soul finds/or is called to an opportunity to manifest into a body and experience what we call life, then the soul (and spirit) are transferred or sucked up into a physical form and born, this is a one way ticket, once the soul and spirit commit there's only one way out. Then after the time is up in that body, the soul (and spirit) carry on their journey, maybe after an unheard of amount of time, the soul is shed and the spirit is once again returned to the source of all things. Then maybe at the end of this, the spirit is dissolved with all the other returning spirits and they have one hell of a party sharing their experiences, laughing at how silly they were and getting drunk on pure 100% proof Light!!

    The spirits who did not learn, or deviated towards a dark path, well maybe they are also let back in, or sent out to learn again. I do believe there are two forces at work here, good and evil, you can not have one without the other can you??

  15. My view is fairly similar actually.

    So, death is just the end of this chapter of this experience. Would you really want to avoid death?

    I also agree, the nature of our experiences is duality, which is derived from the Infinite.
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  16. Btw I also agree this reality is a gigantic interaction of waves or all sorts.

    Scientists used to believe there was some fundamental particle, something that is actually real, like tiny grains of sands that of which everything is built. This was called the atom.

    Fast forward to today and I don't think any scientist believes there is a tangible fundamental material.
  17. If you're the type of person who believes that everything that is possible exists.. whether it be multiverses or alternate realities, don't get hung up on just one possibility. I'm not saying to not have fun imagining all the possibilities.. but whatever possibility you think of, its exact opposite is just as possible. Really.. it is an all or nothing kind of deal. If you believe your possibility exists.. then any possibility that can be imagined exists. There might be another reality where you got hit by a car.. then there might be a possibility there is a reality where you use a loved one as shield to save your own ass. Pretty much anything and everything that can be thought of would exist if it were.. and that includes the exact opposite.

    I would add a "yet" to the end of that for it to be correct. Science and scientists deal with what is falsifiable.. and something that is intangible isn't falsifiable, and things that aren't falsifiable are pseudoscience. I agree that at its root, reality is made up of waves.. but whatever goes into that wave is still something physical and one day, science will be able to directly observe it.
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  18. That has been the promise of 'science' for hundreds of years. It is a belief that we will find an infinitesimal tangible thing.

    We may indeed, but I have no evidence nor reason for it being necessary at this time.
  19. I am curious, why do you insist there must be something physical?

    Would you say that this physical thing could exist as a tangible thing if all energy were removed?

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