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Is it possible to melt a small bowl with a bic lighter?

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by PuFyy, May 27, 2012.

  1. Like my tiny bowl was getting pretty damn hot
  2. Is your bowl...plastic?
  3. #3 PuFyy, May 27, 2012
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    no glass, i was just torching it pretty hard and it was getting hot to hold
  4. probs not man
  5. I'm pretty sure a Bic isn't going to melt fucking glass.
  6. Put it in the microwave.
  7. the glass is prob just mad thin which will cause it to heat up fast. i used to have a bowl that did the same thing. it wont melt from a bic tho
  8. Alright, the bowls like an inch and a half but glass is decent
  9. Glass will not melt by holding a lighter flame to it. Of course it gets hot, your holding fire to it. What did you think would happen?
  10. Will NOT melt...but if it is thin cheap may crack/break to to expansion/contraction
  11. Smoking plastic causes cancer.
  12. bics dont get hot enough to melt glass from what i understand. my bowls get too hot to hold all the time its just something that happens when you really torch the shit out of it
  13. I just did some research and apparently a Bic lighter flame is at a high enough temperature to actually melt glass. I would guess that the flame is just not big enough, or held to the glass long enough to actually have any effect on a glass pipe.
  14. alright, i mean im high so im paranoid about this
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    Most glass melts at ~1400-1600 degrees Celsius (that's 2552-2912 degrees Fahrenheit). So, no, a Bic will probably not melt it unless you're toasting it for a really long time. It can, however, burn the shit out of you.

    ETA A Bic burns at 1977 Celsius, so, theoretically it can, but you'd more likely have to expose the entire piece to that temperature. Otherwise, you get heating on one side and cooling on the other. The hot glass kind of liquidizes, but reaches cooler areas, cools down, resolidifies.
  16. Glass can't melt. If anything, it'll crack or break if it gets too hot, but it will never melt.
  17. one time this kid told me that you could melt a oil burning pipe with a bic and i called bullshit.... but i have melted broken pipes with my butane torch... getting them red hot and getting them welded together but the cool down was alwasy too fast and a crack would happen.... i even heated a beer bottle up in one spot and presser in with a screwdriver and kept the heat on and created a pretty nice lil bowl for a quick miniute or two

  18. You cray cray. It totally does.
    [ame=]How to melt a glass - YouTube[/ame]

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