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Is it possible to make yourself be able to smoke more?

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by Tucker420, May 13, 2011.

  1. im smoking more and more.. but right now i get done with 2 bowls and feel the need to stop smoking. is there a way i can build a tollerence? or be able to handle the intense high and continue smoking?
  2. Tolerance takes time to build. If your already at your desired level of high, then why keep going?
  3. Why would you want to? Building up a tolerance means needing to smoke more weed. Smoking more weed means more money. That's the whole reason people take T-Breaks.
  4. if you feel like you don't wanna smoke anymore, then don't smoke anymore. That's the glory of weed, you don't keep going and going, you just smoke until you feel good and then you stop.
  5. Yeah man, just smoke till you feel good. Nobody is impressed by someone who can smoke a thousand bowls and still function. I'd just feel bad for them.

  6. If you're already high, why smoke more? You're just wasting weed at that point.
  7. like everybody else is saying why would u want to build a tolerence??!!! i wish mine was low so that way i kould save my weed more. ur lucky
  8. i agree with all of you guys, but sometimes i feel like im holding back others im smoking with if i stop and they keep going. most of the time i cant keep up..
  9. lol just keep smoking.
    for me though i usually reach a certain point and then there really is no point to keep smoking i wont get any higher.
  10. I think I'm just below you in tolerance. One bowl I'm happy. To me, that's a high enough tolerance :smoke:
  11. its simple...experience :bongin:
  12. Yeah. I miss having very low - zero tolerance. Don't do what others are doing. Think for yourself. Do things that are you. That's what makes you cool.
  13. If two bowls get you a nice high and if you feel the need to stop smoking after then you should stop. Smoking anymore is just a waste of weed and will only increase your tolerance.

    You may want a high tolerance now, but once you reach the point where your tolerance is too high, you would of wished you were able to keep your tolerance low.
  14. Trust me, everyone that is new to smoking thinks it is "cool" to say you smoke so much bud u have a big tolerance, but in reality you will eventually see that it sucks having a high tolerance, takes so much more weed, it takes about .5 G to get my blazed when my first few times took me one little hit and I would be more high than I am now.
  15. I had a very low tolerance when I first started, I go phases of tolerance though based on how much weed I smoked in that 30 day time period, its kinda cool, but buying mass quantities ends up making me have to smoke 4-5 bowls alone to be at a relatively groovy high. Like a few minutes ago.
  16. iwish i could smoke less to get high. smoking more is just a waste of money
  17. Its all about tolerance, if you up your smoking amount everyday then you will have a higher tolerance.

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