Is it possible to grow weed using a fish tank with gold fish?

Discussion in 'Growing Organic Marijuana' started by putinfanboy96, Jun 20, 2019.

  1. Fish poop in water I hear is nutritious for roots of plants as it contains nitrogen, phosphorus, and Potassium.

    I've never seen anyone on YouTube or demonstrate growing marijuana with a fish tank and little goldfishies to poop and give it nutrients. Is it possible to have use goldfish and a large fish tank as a DWC to grow weed in?

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  2. The amount and balance of nutrients is not enough. You have to supplement the fish tanks with enrichment tanks downstream.

    This type of growing is called aquaponics. There is at least one very experienced and knowledgeable grower who uses this method at GC. He calls himself Dummie. Haven't seen him for a while but his threads are pretty amazing.

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  3. The growing with fishes podcast on YouTube deals with aeroponic cannabis
  4. *Aquaponic
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  5. Yeah that one lol thanks for that! Stoner brain
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  6. Kool
    How are you filtering the water ?
    I heard cat fish shit was the best .
  7. It can be done but I've talked with Dummie about it because I was curious and he's been doing it for like a decade. Look around and plants grown on just a fishtank won't be as large or as nice as some other people's hydro plants indoors. In order to get the most you go from the fish tank to a secondary tank that is then enriched with more nutrients before being fed to the plants.

    It's a good resource but for the fast growing annual that is cannabis to get the most out of it you'll want to supplement the fish poop. It's just not enough or the correct NPK balance by itself.
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  8. Thanks for posting that one @Tbone Shuffle ! That is one of the most awesome grow setups I've seen here on the forums in my time here.

    If anyone hasn't seen @Dumme 's thread, give it a read (and watch all the videos).

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  9. I completely agree and I believe I posted that in Dumme's thread. That guy is a guru. The most impressive personal indoor garden I've ever seen. If you can get him to post he's like a scientist.
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  10. He should get a VIP invite as well as Gold Grower if he hasn't.
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  11. Wouldn't it be cool to get a tour of Dumme's operation? I'd love to see it in person.
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  12. Fk its possible but more on the side of why
  13. I guess the generic reply would be to not buy nutrients but you are going to buy fish food so which is cheaper?
  14. I wish you luck on your journey my friend
  15. Too much work for me. Keeping a good routine with quality hydro nutrients is hard enough without bringing a fish tank into the mix. I try to make stuff less work.
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  16. I'm still around, but still recovering financially from a raid from the city I'm in, back in 2018.

    All I really add is Iron (FeDTPA), epsom and potash, along with 40lb bags of feed about every 6months. I use dry fertilizers, so they last a very long time, and they're cheap. Setup is expensive, but running cost is the cheaper then any other method. I typically yield around 1.5GPW, using Cree CBX3590, 3500.

    All the freshwater fish waste works about the same, but some fish are easier to work with. I use a combination of trout and shubunkins.

    I use a combination of filters, seen here:

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  17. This is true. That's why they've been using a hybrid system where they flood a table with plants in soil and let the plants get missing nutrients from the soil. And it's more the urine than the poop iirc. The poop has to be cleaned from the system regularly, not that it doesn't have it's benefits.
  18. Someone who worked overseas told me about this. Basically, they have lots of chicken cages above water, and fish in the water below, that creates all the nutrients they need to grow good crops without wasting any... waste :)

    Probably not helpful. But interesting.
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  19. Great to see you posting again! I hope you have a good new location. Pisses me off to think about authorities wrecking that garden.
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  20. I have a few plants that are being fed fish tank water, but not goldfish, bichirs. They're predatory fish.

    But I've always thought about growing the plant with the roots submerged into the tank. It would be cool since I do have 2 metal halides inside the canopy at 250 watts each... I dont use the lights since it creates massive algae growth.

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