Is it possible to grow nice buds using a 150 HPS?

Discussion in 'First Time Marijuana Growers' started by transendenceto, Apr 2, 2006.

  1. Or should I just not bother? 250 watts would be too much money spent on electricity for me, since money is tight.
  2. Absolutly- I have 4 plants on a 150 HPS and it works great. I am very pleased with yield and quality. You just need to take in to account your light to space ratio and make sure that your space is not to big or to small for your light.
  3. you say you where pleased with your yield, do you remeber about how much it was in comparison to what it could have been ?
  4. id say you could flower 2 good plants w/a 150 ....
    if you cuold harness the heat from that little bugger and keep it no more than 8" from it ...... remember you need 65-75 watts per sq. ft and 10,000 lumens ideally for a quality dense dank nugget.....and that 150 has only 16,000 lumens at best
    if you made a 1'X2' area and kept that light 8" or less ..... AND LST'D IT:D
    youd be verry impressed w/ that little 150......
  5. I got 2 NLxBigBud flowering on a 150W HPS right now, they're coming along very nicely.
  6. inefficient but a good way to catch the bug:smoke:
    next thing you know youll have a 600 set up and 12 plants goin hydro.....:hello:
  7. very true, I just bought a 400W HPS and plan on doing an outdoor grow as well, all 10 of my early misty sprouted!
  8. to grow efficently grow a plant you need 50-60watts per sq. ft. so you do the math...150/50=3 whoops i did it for you:D

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