Is it possible to grow in a stuffy old closet?

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  1. So Ive decided to start a grow to supply myself, I already have White Widow seeds in the mail, and I am sadly stuck in the initial planning phase.

    I cant decide on where I should base the operation. I have space along a wall and near a window where I could place a tallish utility closet to grow in, or I have an actual closet that would be perfect if it had any ventilation whatsoever.

    Would it be possible to draw air into the closet from the base of the door, and exhaust it from the roof of the closet into the walls of the house without stinking the whole place out? Would said exhausted air end up not properly ventilated, and just recycle back into the room?

    Is it a death sentence to base your plants in such an entombed room? The closet has a narrow 20" entrance, and lies surrounded by other rooms on all sides.

    I would greatly appreciate any advice on ventilation in general to help; I could just buy a 60 inch tall utility closet, but Id rather have the space the closet provides if it is viable.

    Thanks to any kind soul who takes pity on a total noob.
  2. I understand your situation lol im currently in the midst of my firtt grow myself and all I had was a bedroom closet to begin with maybe 2ft x 4ft. What kind of set up are u going for? Hydroponic? Soil? Aero? Ect

    -Bonesaw the stoner
  3. What's you're living situation? Can you just get a tent? Ebay 'grow tent'.

    You can get rid of the smell with a carbon filter and an 'ona bucket'. Oh,and make sure to get a couple good fans. Multiply your dementions of your spot. If that number is 10 cubic feet then you do 270/3min = 90 cfm fan needed. 90 is the bare minimum! ! So get 200+cfm.

    You should get a100 Watts light with 6500K rating. At bare minimum! So maybe 250watt hps light with cooltube! Very efficient for best yields in such small places.

    Get soil and a couple advanced nutrients (or Earth Juice's line for half the price, organic, and better tasting bud. Adv Nut is pH friendly so you wont ’need’ a Ph meter. Look up the feeding cycle and use 1/4 that amount every other watering. Give the seedlings b-1 for the first week or whatever you research..then give feedings when plants have a root system. Water when youlift up the pot and it's easy to pick up. You'll know what I mean after your first grow. Leave water out for a day or two. And get a pH meter. Buy General hydroponics pH up and down too with the testing kit included. Shake the water or bubble the water with those aquatic pumps and stonesfor smoke oxygen for roots. Done ppl use hydrogen peroxide in tony doses.

    Get Bio bizz soil or Fox Farm. Or Whatever you research...whatever you do stay away from soil with fertilizer in it. Idk maybe personal pref.

    I wish you the best of luck!
  4. Wow, awesome info ,thanks a bunch for all that typing.

    I am actually infatuated with rigging my own aeroponics system for two fruiting plants, and having a smaller chamber with lights for my clone army of momma white widow. Which is why I like this closet so much, as it has a convenient pitched cieling and shelf area I could easily seal off for said cloning chamber.

    2feet by 4 feet is about the dimensions I have too, I am just worried air will stagnate and the plants wont exactly flourish. Stealth is a big concern too, and the closet is much less conspicuous that a new 60" utility closet.

    I guess I could make such a filter and pump the air into the closet from my bedroom, and into the walls from the roof of the closet?

    Now that I type that out it seems kinda obvious to me.
  5. Well this was my closet set up I basically had exactly what ur talking about but I did my own set up which wass kinda a cross between a ebb and flow and a flood table, with a waterfall set up I put an oscilating fan in and just opened the door every couple hours I was home didn't really worry about ventelation, but if smell is a factor u always could buy a small inline fan and carbon filter and blow the air up into the attic, u wouldn't have to worry about intake because of the one inch gap at the base of the door that should allow more than enough air flow for the size of the room with one ventelation fan

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  6. Ok you sold me, thanks for the help.

    Now I have to clean the closet out :(
  7. That's the hardest part lol don't make it seem like im forcing u, I've just been through trial n error lol
  8. Don't use foil, use Mylar or flat white paint.
  9. My area is roughly the same size (4w x 2d x 8h). What I did was put a 6" vent fan going into the attic, and then put 2 2" pvc elbows pulling air from the outside. Then added a 4" intake that runs diretly into my home a/c system. It works decent enough, but I need a better top vent fan (bottom intake vents are passive). I have heat issues right now, but am waiting on a better fan to get here. Right now, I have to leave the door open, or the canopy temps just get too hot. Im running a 400w mh conversion bulb for veg and will be switch to hps for flower.

  10. Your seeds will lie dormant until you have a proper space and situation with which to unleash their power. Do not underestimate their demands or presence in your home. If you are not pulling the air and filtering it out. A high quality strain like the WW may fill your house with a gentle, yet pungent, fruity odor. other strains also smell similar but the beautiful buds of WW are unmistakable. If I were you I would consider ALL the logistical aspects of growing your plants before germinating them (that includes germinating them- I can give you my run-down if you like).

  11. Yeah, I am no where near ready to start yet. I am just in some very early planning phases, and it sounds like it is possible I can get away with scrubbing that odor? It'll likely be ventilated under the stairs of the neighboring apartment, so this is key.

    I realize have a lot of building, cleaning, reading, and video watching before I germinate.

    But, progress is made every day! Today I scored a great little cabinet to use as a cloning/veg chamber for free. 21 inches of vertical space too, so maybe I could do a decent micro grow out of it to practice for the closet?

    This is going to be a great hobby, my dremel is aching to cut into some shit :hello:
  12. I'm stuck planning also and halfway through actual construction on my closet. I definitely see the advantages of having a storage closet or wardrobe now and kind of wish I had bought one. I feel like a storage closet could be moved, locked (my closet has no door right now), or disposed of a lot easier if it comes to it.
  13. If I can supply my habit with a micro grow alone, I would totally forget all about my closet.

    But there is nothing micro about my habit.
  14. lol.

    one of the best things i can say about pot is... you can't overdose on it! lol!

    I have not done micro growing but I am guessing an indica strain would be best for constrained space. IF the light is intense and close to the plants they will flower short without growing taller and reaching for the light. So it is definitely possible to pull 1-2 oz off a 1-2 foot plant. Look into the micro section i am pretty sure they will help you get everything you need to do it cheaply.

    However what you mentioned was a bit differnt. A micro Veg will work IMO. If you vegetate sativa dominant strains until they are about a foot tall they may grow three or four feet taller during the flower stage. indicas will really stay short if you micro veg them though. Your white widow is a sativa dominant i believe? i think it still has indica at 40 or 50 % so you may want to veg them until they are 2 feet or so.

  15. locking it really won't help you keep it away from the PO if thats what you're thinking. Simplify it. plants are demanding but they are also extremely resilient. if you get the minimum requirements you will be amazed at the results. (example you can pull three ounces off a 2x2' space with a 96w T5, within two and ha half months with a good indica)
  16. Your expertise is impressive and greatly appreciated.
  17. thanks for the comment I do my best. however my experience is not with the indica micro grow I mentioned. It's what I seen in the GC micro grow section. it impressed me too by the way. I think you should check it out. there's something really satisfying about putting few resources into a grow and getting so much out of it. jah bless.
  18. I started buying stuff for my closet, and if anyone could provide some clarification on these inline fans and filters Id appreciate it.

    My closet is about 3 feet by 5 feet, I am going to seal it with expanding foam and silicone sealant, staple a layer of black plastic sheeting, then add a layer of mylar, while hoping this will result in a (mostly) airtight room.

    So after some shopping on Amazon I find a large variety of inline fans and booster fans, not to mention carbon filters. Some are super expensive, and some are only 30$.

    Do you need one of the more expensive model of fans to properly drive these carbon filters? Even the homemade one? Would a cheapo 4inch booster fan be sufficient for such a small room?
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    Im a newbie to, but have my grow going, and can only base on my experience so far and reading. The cheaper inline booster fans, like found at home depot arent going to move enough air if your going with a hid light. Not to mention the cheaper fans have a lower cfm rating and are rated unloaded, ie the rating is the max the fan will pull with nothing connected to it. They may be enough to start with, but if your wanting to connect a carbon filter, cool your hood, or anything else then they simply aren't going to do.

    For that size area, I would go with one of the 6" inline high velocity fans. Htg has one rated at 424 cfm loaded on ebay for $90 with shipping. That is what I went with, just waiting on it to get here. If they are too much, you can add a fan controller. So far, keeping my temps down has been my biggest problem. I run a 6" bathroom vent fan with no filter going into the attic now, and it will not keep up if I close the closet door. Since you have pretty much the same space, I am guessing the $30 fans arent gonna do well for you either. Either way, personally I would rather have too much ventilation than not enough.

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