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Is it possible to get this high??

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by Mrmarijuana, Oct 16, 2010.

  1. Ok, so my cousin told me that sometimes he smokes about 4 or 5 grams by himself out of his bong, and he says that he gets so fucked up that he cant even move for a hour. I think its possible too get high enough to not move for like 3 minutes but not an hour. So, grasscity have any of you ever got this high? please dont make fun of me for asking a newbie question cause my cousin tells me a lot of bullshit about pot.
  2. I find it doubtful that your cousin is smoking 4 to 5 grams by himself in a single night. Even if he could do that, he would smoke himself sober.
  3. Physically unable to move for an hour? Nope.

    Have no interest whatsoever in even thinking about moving for one hour? Sure.

  4. Haha thank you i think i agree with this statement.:smoke:
  5. :laughing:not

    But yeah, I used to get high for 35 minutes (maybe) like that off of 3 bowls of greens, so 5 grams would be like heaven for anyone whos fresh.

    Ask how often he smokes. If it's everyday, maybe he doesn't get that high, but if he's NEW new, then yeah; I wouldn't be much surprised.
  6. Your cousin is dumb for smoking so much at one time. Talk about a tolerance boost.

  7. Why do you insult people? He can smoke however much he wants. why dont you worry about yourself?

  8. Thats the perfect answer.
    Weed doesnt paralyze you.
    Yeah, I could move if I wanted to...but really, you put it perfectly-I have zero interest in moving. And that zero interest in moving, makes it impossible to get up. :smoke:
  9. it is possible to couchlock for an hour :D
  10. Well, I've definately been couchlocked for a while, but I've NEVER been so high that I could not physically move if I tried. Majic pretty much explained it.
  11. ive gotten to where i didnt WANT to move but i could if i had to and i mean had to, i'm sure thats what your cousin means. i would just chill get a drink and some munchies then watch a movie and i was done i wouldnt move for shit.
  12. maybe if he was rippin straight up kief
  13. never got that high..maybe smoked 2-3 grams once...i was pretty fucked up but i can be was purp too
  14. This thread is kind of old but YES it is actually possible to get so fucking high and so retarded that you don't know HOW to move. Some of my friends achieved this level of highness after smoking some maui wowie. They were so high they would black out while walking and be halfway down the hall like how the fuck did i get here. :smoking:

  15. 4 grams of straight up keif... hell, you would be apocalyptically high! :devious:
  16. hy·per·bo·le   
    –noun Rhetoric .
    obvious and intentional exaggeration.
    an extravagant statement or figure of speech not intended to be taken literally, as “to wait an eternity.”
  17. 4 grams? That's nothing bro. I smoked a quad rolled into blunts consecutively one night. The quad was of Grape Ape (which is an indica) so I was basically glued to my seat for about an hour. It is very possible OP to be this baked. :D

    ^^ Not a hyperbole, this is the truth. I wish I had pics of all the Grape Swishers :rolleyes:
  18. 7 grams? That's nothing bro. I smoked an ounce rolled into blunts consecutively one night. :p

    Im joking, but seriously fuck having a pissing contest here.

    I've been smoking half a gram of high quality a day for years, I don't feel the need to set records.
  19. yea, i think you have to ask him to define exactly what he means by not moving for an hour. It may not be literally the inability.
  20. That is literally what I do on a nightly basis. Usually 2 bowls of top shelf meds = .5g and I'm set.

    That one night was just an anomaly because frankly, I just felt like getting insanely baked :cool:

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