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Is it possible to get herb on a cruise?

Discussion in 'Marijuana Consumption Q&A' started by pothead1355, Jul 19, 2012.

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  1. Im going on a royal Caribbean cruise on the freedom of the seas ship, and we stop in a bunch of places, along with OCHO RIOS, JAMAICA. I need to know if it is possible to grab from someone there, and bring it on the boat. Is there any security involved wen getting back on a boat from one of the stops? Also, will i be able to get the herb, and get back on the boat in time, and if yes then how far will I have to walk, and where will i have to walk? (i don't wanna end up in some next ghetto and die) If any of my questions or comments are dumb questions just answer them anyways, i'm new to this :)
  2. If you get caught by a narc you're literally fucked. Watch out who you buy from cus mom and dad cant bail you out of that one
  3. I have family that have bought off Jamaican taxi drivers and they hotboxed their room back on the ship. The driver was sketch, he had guns and unmentionables but apparently 2 ounces was like $50 for some meh weed with a bad trim job.
  4. My brother and his wife said they went on a cruise to the Caribbeans and were offered marijuana several times when they were on the islands. Shouldn't be too much of an issue if you touch land and can make friends with locals. Be sure to keep company, Jamaica is notorious for pick-pockets and being robbed on regular weed deals. Stay near a public area at least, don't go to a very secluded ally or something.
  5. Pretty sure I was actually on that ship earlier this year. Yes, you have to go through a metal detector (maybe x-ray by now) like at the airport on your way back and your bag goes through an x-ray
  6. thanks for the info man. when you stop at an island or something, and buy souvenirs, do they x ray the souvenirs? Cuz the ship stops in jamaica and i need to know if they will check if i am bringing herb onto the boat from jamaica.
  7. Before you try this you may want to search some of the cruise forums about this topic. I am on those boards also because I cruise occasionally.

    I believe I read that a lot of tourists get busted in Jamaica because the dealers and cops have a deal or something. I could be wrong but I really think I read about that. It is worth a Google.

    I just take edibles on board with me. Very easy to do and no hassle.
  8. From my experience, you only get checked once when you first board the ship at your port of departure. After that, I'm pretty sure you can get on and off the ship without security
  9. Asked and answered many times here already, and this falls into the gray area of trafficking, so....
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