Is it possible to flower a plant at 1 feet?

Discussion in 'Growing Marijuana Indoors' started by DaLong, May 12, 2006.

  1. Well, im thinking of growing indoor, but I have a question. Is it possible to flower a plant that is only 1 feet tall? maybe 2 feet? I want to try it before doing anything big, but is it possible?
  2. Yes.

    You sacrifice yield, but it can be done. Some folks insist on waiting til a plant shows alternating nodes before going to 12/12, but it is not absolutely necessary.
    You can start flowering at 12 inches if you like, keping in mind the plant could double in size during flowering....
  3. it also depends on the strain. my total height never got more than 1.5 feet, but it is wide and bushsy as all hell.
  4. A *lot* of indoor growers flower at 12". Under good conditions you'll still get a plant that's 2.5-3' tall (strain dependant, of course). A foot tall is a good flower time, IMO, unless you're growing 5'+ monsters.
  5. Dude! LST is the way to go. (Low Stress Training) That's where you bend over the branches horizontally after a branch is a couple inches tall. Do a search on "LST" on this site and you'll get more info on it. I can keep my plants to about 8" from soil level to top-most leaves. My pots are about 11" across at the top. I tie the branches down with twist-ties from holes I drilled in the sides of the pot. Good luck with it!
  6. yes, to save space you can train, or tie down a plant. also yes, 12 inches is usually the minimum to start flowering.
  7. Thanks a lot for the info guys, gonna start maybe in a week. Hope my friend can pull through with some kush seeds :D
  8. i have a plant full of buds that aint had no topping or anything done to it.
    it about 16'' tall and full of bud from top to bottom, i also have a full budded out lst plant,,, if your curios what they look like . heres 2 good examples of lst, and a sog plant..

    theyre in my grow thread,,, click down below...:p
  9. my plants r flowering i have them lst'd over to about 4 inches off the ground! so to answer your question yes u can flower it.even seen a couple threads where people flowered from the start and got bud!
  10. typicall just asked the same questi on the begginers forum and mine is only 11" so ill wait a little while then.
    good thread

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