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is it possible to die

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by shmoke, Feb 20, 2009.

  1. yeah i been asking this sort of question but never got a straight answer... i've smoked weed to be honest only ummm... like 3 times i got baked, the first, i was in a comfortable setting, with friends, second time, i was at kalahari resort the water park, me and my brother and my brothers friend smoked some really good stuff, and walked around the mall blazed... but, when i smoked by my self with this stuff i got from my friend, smelled like candy, about 10 mins later i got an overwhelming sensation of paranoia and my body felt incredibly weird... it was out of a homeade water bong.. i checked myself into the hospital cause my heart rate was insanely high, so unfortuanatly i got charged with possesion... but heres my question, if i never called, would i have died...? is it possible to die from paranoia and weirdness..?? thanks if u can help, im supposed to be smoking tommarow with friends with the same stuff, should i? some 1 said to take smooth hits, slow and calm..
  2. No it's not

    It's all in your head. You have no way of knowing but once you start focusing on your heartbeat you're like "OH SHIT FEEL HOW FAST IT IS" but really you have nothing to compare it to so your mind distorts it for you.

    No one has EVER died from marijuana and 99% of regular users have experienced that crazy paranoia at least once. There would be a lot of deaths if you could die from paranoia.
  3. No it's not possible that you would have died. You're just having a bad high.

    People that don't smoke that much are more likely to get paranoid highs.

    Chill out. Stay in a safe environment and you'll be fine.
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    just listen to yourself, "is it possible to die from paranoia and weirdness?" not trying to be mean to you, because I understand that you are new, but no you cann't die from smoking weed unless you intake an insane amount, you'd pass out b4 you got even close to a lethal amount. But paranoia can happen if you are not in an enviroment you are comfortable with, make sure your in a cool place, where you don't have to worry about cops/parents/getting caught, and your with people your comfortable with. The high heart can happen but it's only really noticable if you focus on it, and get scared.
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  6. It sounds like u just got extra paranoid. maybe dont smoke by urself for a while and just try to relax next time u smoke. and yeah an increased heart rate is not uncommon when ur high.
  7. It's impossible to die from marijuana. You probably just had a panic attack which can happen sometimes, especialy to new smokers. Cannabis does increase your heart rate a bit but when you're stoned as hell, it seems A LOT higher and more dangerous than it is. I've been smoking at least 3 times a day for the past 3 years and I've had a few panic attacks that sound a bit like what happened to you. The best thing to do is keep smoking weed but if something like that happens again, sit down, take deep breaths, have a glass of water, and chill out. Think about how harmless cannabis is and how awesome you feel when you're really high listening to some good tunes with friends. That always works for me.
  8. I hit my new bong last night. Swear to god it felt like my heart was beating so hard it was pumping my whole body back and forth haha. it was great
  9. No you can't die.... EVER haha
    Well you could technically... If you were allergic to marijuana.. but if SO it would have nothing to do with being paranoid :)

    and you got possession charges for being high?!
    That's strange... I didn't think a hospital would report you to the police

  10. That just made my day.

    Thank you.
  11. It was probably just a panic attack no one has ever died from marijuana or a panic attack so don't worry everything is cool lol

  12. Yo, Don't be a dick. That was a legit fear of mine too and now I smoke pretty often. That's why forums exist, to answer questions and provide a community for such people. MJ is harmless OP.
    Just bad highs sometimes. Toke and those good ones will outweigh the herb in everything else.
  13. Dude you just got really high haha. Sorry don't mean to be a dick but I guess I kinda am, but I couldn't help but laugh. This reminds me of the video of the cop that smoked some weed and called 911 thinking he was dying.
  14. HAHA fuck yea i was gonna post the video on this thread XD
  15. you really didn't have to be a dick about it dude, just because you've never experienced this sort of feeling (and anyone can have a diff reaction to smoking)... dont try to act all cool telling me that my thread fails, your probably 13 years old, i wasant trying to say that marijuana would kill me, i meant having a panic attack/heart racing... god.
  16. What you experienced was a panic attack. Quickening heart rate, paranoia, feeling like you're going to die... these are all symptoms of a panic attack. These are quite common when you smoke weed, since most normal people's brains don't respond well to not being in total control. All you have to do to calm down is to know this: In addition to no one having ever died from weed, no one has ever died from a panic attack. There is not one recorded case. It cannot kill you, you would have been fine.

    For future reference, you should always thoroughly research a drug before you try it. Even something as benign as weed can have unfortunate side effects when it's taken without a knowledge of the substance or its effects. Unfortunately you had to learn this first hand. I'm not trying to sound like a dick or anything, but just keep it in mind to always research something before you try it.
  17. No it's not possible to die from smoking MJ. She is totally harmless.What happened to u mioght have been a drop in blood pressure, which is real common to people who are new to smoking. just try to smoke with other people until u eel confortable smoking by yourself. and make sure everytime you smoke, to have a water bottle with u. (filled with water of course, lol). it will help you calm down and take away the cotton mouth. So just be careful and take it easy,

    Remember- you gotta crawl before you walk "Smokey"


    It happens to everyone, even happened to me more than once, three times to be exact til this date.

    So again just be careful, and DONT go to the hospital after smoking MJ.:wave:
  18. man, this really is the apprentice section...
  19. but i wasan't even thinking about anything that would freak me out? i was chillin makin a sandwich... that's what confuses me..
  20. Sometimes you just get hit by that paranoid feeling bro. and other dudes stop being dicks seriously. its like people sit their searching the forums to find something they can be an asshole so they feel cool. just because you never felt it doesnt mean you should minimize it. ever heard of empathizing? yup. just chill next time dude. get a glass of water or whatever your favorite drink is. and listen to some music.

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