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Is it possible to convince my parents?

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by classactslacker, May 20, 2010.

  1. Does anyone have any recommendations as to how i can convince my parents to let me smoke weed because they know that it isn't bad but they said the main reason they said they don't want me smoking in there house is because it is illegal even though i don't do it around them and i know im not going to get caught unless they call the cops on me because i never take my weed with me any were.
  2. just don't smoke in there house.

    roll a j and take a walk
  3. My mom thought weed was like cocaine, but then i showed her The Union and some other articles and she was like WOW I should try it for my back pain etc. :) Then a few days later I told her I smoke and she was fine with it
  4. i spent like 3 years, sophomore - senior convincing my rents weed is legit, to no avail, cause my words were the words of their child, im just trying to smoke weed, they thought. Then when i started printing out medical journals saying its not bad, has many more benfits than not, my rents took a fucking u-turn, my dad got his med license before i did and funded mine (till i had money to pay him back fuck this jobless world) and they both dont give a fuck now. Its amazing how much you can hate something thats false, but how quickly you can be reformed by the facts
  5. Really? You never take weed anywhere? It just magically appears in your house, you never buy it from anyone, or grow it yourself?

    I want to live in your world...The world where no matter what you do, you know you're not going to get ever.:rolleyes:

    Dude, it's very unlikely you're going to convince your parents if THAT is their concern, because the legality of weed is the underlying concern of damn near everyone and anyone who owns a house, and all it takes is one phone call from a nosy neighbor to have your parents world turned upside down, which is quite literally the end result of a search warrant.

    You could possibly try and reason with them, go over the laws and punishments IF you ever do get caught, and see if they would be accepting to to it, but it's pretty unlikely. It would be different if their concerns were related to health or something you could stand on a bit firmer ground...Good luck.
  6. Dude, i'm pretty sure if you roll a j and offer it to your parents they'll say yes.
    If they do say yes, lace it with something so that they think weed feels better than it actually does and they'll love it.

    JK, don't do that... Please

  7. I know no matter how careful i am i might still get caught but i am careful unlike some people i know and i doubt a neighbor would call the police since unless they are by me it is hard to tell if it is tobacco or weed and if they do call the police i doubt the police would really so anything since i live in a fairly populated city that always has a lot worse crimes that actually need the cops.

  8. you have any links to the journals and whatever else you used?
  9. thats what i literally showed yesterday on my dad to try to convince him to see that its not bad, and most people just state propoganda as a fact. he said he thought that the movie was biased, and the side which he believes inst completely biased...:rolleyes: some people just are closeminded and set in their ways
  10. I'm in the exact same boat you're in except my father is a hardcore business man and is making me present him a powerpoint on why marijuana is safe. I'm currently 14 slides in and only have one picture on the front page thus far. I'm getting all my information from this thread:
    If you scroll down the Erkrez's post, it is FULL of all sorts of facts. I've mainly used the article called The History of the Non-Medical Use of Drugs in the United States to entirely cover the history of the prohibition of marijuana to show them that THIS is why it's illegal, not because it's some devil plant that rots your brain.

    Good luck! Your parents are WAY more open than mine are, so if I can convince mine then you should be golden. :)
  11. The Union, albeit incredibly informative, is pretty biased. They never once cover the actual cons of smoking marijuana. Try showing them the movie Grass next, maybe that will open their eyes
  12. Sorry to say, but if it's your parents' house, you kind of need to play by their rules. Find somewhere else to smoke, like with friends or something. I could see MAYBE if their complaint was anything other than the legality issue, but the sheer fact that it IS illegal (travesty though that is) unfortunately is something that you can't really argue. Big Brother Government can do some pretty nasty things to your ass if they catch you doing something illegal, so if they don't want to take that risk, I think you should respect that.
  13. 1. Myths and Facts About Marijuana

    2. Marijuana | Drug War Facts


    Links 1 & 2 are studies with summaries all different topics weed. Link 3 is news articles on the internet and studies about medical marijuana.

    One thing which would be good to do is to search the web for a government propaganda brochure or something and refute all of the points. Another thing would be to print out pertinent information and put it in a binder and give it to them. A third thing would be to bring a study to them every three or so days and discuss it with them. They never knew you were so smart, proud parents and voila.

    I never would have bought into the union in my days my daughter was a stoner. It does have too much stoner bias. I would have laughed at her if she showed it to me. BTW, I do like it very much, just not to proseletize new converts.

    But still if it is the legality issue it may not fly, but you might convince them to vote for legalization like my husband who is a non smoker.

  14. Above all else don't smoke in there house, follow there rules if your going to live there.

    Like someone else said take a walk and smoke a J

  15. When i was 15 i started smoking cannabis and some of my family dident like it, my grandfather especially! He dident really care alot he never used it and still hasent but he wasent like get out of my house or nothing. Anyways when i was 17 i got my medical cannabis card in ca with the help of him becoming my caregiver, he sat in a doctors office for two house talking to the doctor and me about it and how he thought it was good for me :hello: i just explained to my family it help, i had bad depression at the time but that all gone now :] people are reasonable and if u talk to them civilized and educated about this wonderful plant. haha just say its better than smoking crack at your house

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