is it possible to become less jewish?

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  1. im jewish and wondering if its possible to become less jewish? everytime i turn on my gas bbq my friends and family tell me "make sure you dont get gassed!"

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    get foreskin restoration surgery, ----------- and eat non-kosher food
  3. See that shouldn't make you not want to be Jewish. The fact that it makes you feel that way makes those jokes wrong, not to mention it is offensive as hell. People scratched walls, each other, fought to climb to the top of the pile to live the longest, and much more horror. Maybe they don't really know, a lot of people don't understand that you didn't just fall over dead. These deaths took about 15 minutes. Maybe share with them what it was really like to die in those chambers.
  4. Even your family make jokes about you being Jewish? Jeez tough gig!

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